Titan Quest Is Gold

Titan Quest Is Gold Titan Quest Is Gold

THQ and Iron Lore Entertainment announced that Titan Quest has reached the gold master stage of development and is entering manufacturing. This highly anticipated action Role-Playing Game (RPG) will take Windows PC gamers on a transcontinental journey through the treacherous and exotic lands of Greece, Egypt and Asia, blending an immersive storyline with fast-moving combat and lush, cinematic gameplay. Developed by Brian Sullivan's (co-creator of Age of Empires) Iron Lore Entertainment, Titan Quest is scheduled to begin shipping to retailers worldwide on June 26, 2006. If you can't wait until the game's release, try out the Titan Quest demo.

In Titan Quest, gamers will quest through fabled locations such as the Parthenon, the Great Pyramids, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and the Great Wall of China, to save humanity from terrifying monsters, mythical beasts and the evil Titans who have escaped their eternal prisons. The game features a deep single player and co-operative multiplayer game experience with an epic story written by award-winning screenwriter Randall Wallace (Braveheart, The Man in the Iron Mask).