Tongue-in-cheek shooter Warhammer 40K: Boltgun is getting DLC

Tongue-in-cheek shooter Warhammer 40K: Boltgun is getting DLC

Warhammer 40K: Boltgun, a DOOM-like shooter from last year, is getting a DLC. Titled Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun - Forges of Corruption, the DLC adds a new campaign, multiple new enemies to fight, and a bunch of new guns to shoot.

News in brief

  • Warhammer 40K: Boltgun is getting DLC
  • DLC arrives in June
  • Will contain a new campaign, guns, and enemies


Announced as a part of the annual Warhammer Skulls event, it's welcome news for fans of Boltgun, who may not have expected additional content would be coming. Boltgun released in May 2023, and delivered a pinch of tongue-in-cheek humor to a universe not particularly well known for its sense of good fun. A DOOM-like shooter, all the way down to the charming retro pixel graphics and enemies with low frame rates, the gameplay is a curiously good fit for the Warhammer 40K universe.

Forges of Corruption promises to deliver more of the same. There's a new campaign, set on the Forge World of Graia, which has been taken by the forces of the Great Enemy — that's the pointy-armored forces of Chaos, to you and me. Forge Worlds are especially important to the Imperium because they're where the guns, armor, and tanks are built to continue the important work of blowing up aliens and heretics. Since it's such an important planet to keep a hold of, the Imperium has made sure to send, er, one Space Marine.

Thankfully he's a particularly impressive transhuman specimen, and he's getting a bunch of new guns to help his mission, including the Chaos-melting Multi-Melta and a Missile Launcher. He'll need them too, as standing between him and the liberation of Graia is a host of new enemy types, including the heavy weapon-wielding Black Legion Havoc, and the massive mechanical Hellbrute.

Not included in the DLC, but coming at the same time for all Boltgun owners is the new Horde mode, where players will be tasked with surviving as many waves of enemies as possible.

Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun - Forges of Corruption will arrive on June 18, 2024 for PC, PS4 and PS5, Xbox Series S/X and Xbox One. A port will be coming to the Nintendo Switch at a later date.