Total War: Warhammer III's focus is now on Immortal Empires

Total War: Warhammer III's focus is now on Immortal Empires

Sorry fans of the Realms of Chaos mini-campaign, Creative Assembly has announced it's going to be fully focused on the massive uber-campaign mode that is Immortal Empires from the next Total War: Warhammer III DLC onwards.

News in brief

  • Warhammer III's focus is now on the massive Immortal Empires mode
  • The next three Legendary Lords have also been revealed
  • Get prepared for another free Lord


The news came as part of Creative Assembly's "What's next" video, the first in a new video series for the developers. The 17 minute chat brought in a bunch of developers to talk about what was coming up next in the huge Warhammer game, and what fans can expect from the future. Top of the list was apparently focusing in the development cycle on the Immortal Empires mode, the campaign that plays out across the entire Warhammer world. A truly enormous experience, it's become many players favorite way to play, eclipsing the smaller, more narratively-driven Realms of Chaos campaign the game originally launched with.

As a result, new content and expansions will be focused much more on adding to Immortal Empires, and while Realms of Chaos will continue to get bug fixes and balance changes, don't expect it to get as much new content as the favored mode.

Speaking of new content, there's a lot on the way. The next DLC will feature big changes and additions for three factions: the Greenskins, Khorne, and Ogre Kingdoms, and the new Legendary Lord for each has also been revealed. The Greenskins will get orc conqueror Gorbad Ironclaw, Khorne will get the Chaos God's Herald Skulltaker, and the Ogre Kingdoms will get access to the mercenary captain Golgfag Maneater. New units are also expected, with a number seen in the video. Also included was the mention of another free Lord for Khorne, who is as-of-yet unnamed.

Tweaks are also coming for older factions which need some love. The Vampire Counts and Norsca were both name dropped as factions that are desperately in need of love and attention, and it was made clear both of them are on the to-do list, and fans can rest easy knowing changes are on the way.

No date was revealed for when we can expect these new additions, but the end of the year is the window they're aiming for.