Trivial Pursuit Goes Online

Trivial Pursuit Goes Online Trivial Pursuit Goes Online

Atari has shipped Trivial Pursuit Unhinged, based on the most popular trivia game in the world, for the PlayStation 2 and the Xbox to retailers nationwide. The famous trivia game comes to life on console with innovative online play, multimedia clips and entertaining question topics that are presented by six celebrity hosts from both television and movies.

The Trivial Pursuit Unhinged game features sports personality Terry Bradshaw, along with television personality Brooke Burke, comedians John Cleese, Whoopi Goldberg and John Ratzenberger, plus Bill Nye The Science Guy, as celebrity hosts.

The game delivers new features that turn a familiar classic into a new experience where a crafty move might outdo a correct answer. The game includes three modes - Classic, Flash and Unhinged, which features bonus points and special board moves. In Unhinged mode, players can now steal wedges, bet as to whether other players will answer correctly, earn and spend bonus points, as well as a plethora of additional special moves and squares. In this battle of the wits, being smart helps, but being crafty wins.

Developed by Artech Studios, Trivial Pursuit Unhinged will be available for a suggested retail price of USD 29.95 for PlayStation 2 and Xbox. For further game details follow the download tab above.