The Truth About UT2007

The Truth About UT2007 The Truth About UT2007

The ongoing debate regarding the appearance of Unreal Tournament 2007 on PS3 and whether the console version will precede its PC counterpart is one that has kept gamers busy for two years now; late December 2005 and early January 2006.

It all started late last month when "US PlayStation Magazine" claimed that UT 2007 was set to be a PS3 launch title and that it would be available in spring 2006. At the time few gamers were surprised since Epic have been supporters of Sony's new console and were even involved in its unveiling at E3 2005. What was surprising was the prospect of a UT game being released on console before coming to PC. As you can imagine the UT community reacted in disgust and the words upheaval and unrest barely do justice to events that took place over the holiday period.

Epic producer, Jeff Morris (under his War_Tourist alias) sped to the rescue of PC gamers everywhere by claiming in the Atari forums that UT2K7 will be coming to, ...PC first. We're not scheduled to be a ps3 launch title, not certain where those news sites are getting that from. There will be a pre-release demo (on the PC at least).

This emphatic intervention by an Epic insider should have been enough to satisfy anyone had it not been for the staff of the US PlayStation Magazine who are adamant and claim they were told personally by Epic and Midway reps that their version of events is correct.

It seems, for the time being, that we have no reason to deny an Epic producer's word but it seems little more than semantics to us as the two versions of UT 2007, console and PC, will be released with little time difference. Epic, after all, has great ambitions for its Unreal 3 engine and they cannot be restricted to just one platform, Gears of War anyone?