Ubisoft Enters the Political Machine

Ubisoft Enters the Political Machine Ubisoft Enters the Political Machine

Ubisoft announced that they have signed a deal with Stardock Entertainment to publish The Political Machine, a strategy game where players take on the role of campaign manager for a presidential candidate. Players must raise money, take out advertisements, win endorsements and appear on popular TV news shows to answer tough questions about today's most pressing issues. The Political Machine is scheduled to launch late summer 2004 for the PC.

In development by Stardock Entertainment, The Political Machine gives players a taste of the challenges real candidates face and uses actual demographic information to accurately portray the political landscape of the United States. Players can design their own candidates or use existing political candidates such as George W. Bush, John Kerry and dozens of historical politicians including Ronald Reagan and Franklin D. Roosevelt. The Political Machine is both a single -- and multiplayer game -- players can either compete against the computer or against others online on the official web site, a link to which can be found by following the download tab above.

The Political Machine features :

See the political process from the inside and take on the role of campaign manager for a U.S. Presidential nominee in this political strategy game. Featuring real-world candidates, The Political Machine requires players to raise money, hit the campaign trail and build support in a bid to win the hearts and minds of American voters. Game features include:

- Showcases the Hot Political Issues of Today: Conflicts overseas, job outsourcing and the fight against terror are all at the forefront of the election process.

- Run a Campaign with Realistic Detail: Includes all the real-life trials and challenges associated with running a presidential campaign, such as selecting a vice president, working the media, engaging in debates, appealing to swing states and winning state electoral votes.

- Be a Media Darling: Get exposure in the national media circuit and put your credibility to the test by giving interviews in seven cable and network TV shows such as the O'Maley Factor and 60 Seconds.