Ubisoft Thinks the Wii U will be a Game Changer

Wii U Ubisoft

While some people have criticised the fact that the Wii U is quite underpowered compared to what people expect next gen consoles from Microsoft and Sony to be offering, Ubisoft believes that it could actually help revitalise the console industry - one that it believes has grown stagnant in recent years.

We need to get people excited," said . "We need to make entertainment experiences that they can’t get somewhere else for little or no money if we want the console business to grow. New hardware like the Wii U enables completely new game experiences, and that’s what our designers are looking for. They’re clamouring for the ability to do their designs in new ways."

Similarly to how the original Wii opened up the world of gaming to motion controlled titles - though ultimately becoming most successful with dance games - the Wii U's touchpad controller could allow for new gameplay mechanics. We've talked previously about ZombiU's use of the Gamepad screen as a map - forcing you to look away from the main display - and Penny Arcade suggested an RPG with players using the hardcore controller and a Dungeon Master using the Gamepad. It's these sorts of possibilities that Mr Key is excited about.

"When you’re at the beginning of the cycle it’s like an open slate. There’s all kind of design possibilities, there’s all kinds of new ground, and if you’re a game designer that’s your dream," he continued. "There’s a lot of vision and innovation built into this machine that is going to be difficult to explain, and people are going to have to experience it before they get it."

What kind of new game concepts do you guys think will come out of the Wii U?