UGO to Name the UnderGround Game Platform of the Year

UGO to Name the "UnderGround Game Platform of the Year"

(New York, November 13th, 2001)-UnderGroundOnline (, the entertainment network reaching more than 6 million 12 to 34 year old gamers, will select the game platform for the holiday season and will award it the "UnderGround Game Platform of the Year."

The competition will feature the three core contenders: Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo GameCube and the Sony PlayStation 2. The panel will consist of Eric Eckstein, the Editor in Chief of UGO, as well as other leaders within the Game Industry. The award will be based on criteria, including hardware performance and the quality and availability of software. Gary Coleman, Squire of the UnderGround, will publicly present the award in December. "This holiday season is like Thunderdome for next-generation consoles: three platforms enter, one platform leaves. UGO will act as a guide, giving our 6 million readers direction on the most important decision of the year," said Eric Eckstein, UGO's Editor in Chief. "Each system has its advantages, but there can be only one."

"UGO houses one of the premier gaming networks on the Internet," said J Moses, UGO's CEO and President. "The UnderGround consists of hundreds of video game experts and their collective opinions represent a powerful force within the gaming community." UGO's Games Channel is comprised of over 100 of the most influential gaming sites on the Web, including the Video Gamer Network, Blues News, MegaGames, Flightsim, Telefragged, Voodoo Extreme, Casters' Realm and Everlore. In total, the games network delivers over 125 million monthly page impressions.

About UGO

With over 6 million unique visitors, UnderGroundOnline is the entertainment
mecca for 12-34 year old males on the Web. It is comprised of over 600
affiliated content publishers, including UGO caters to games,
technology, animation, music, film/TV, sports and wrestling enthusiasts who
seek out the most progressive and cutting-edge Web experience. The company
is headquartered in New York, NY and can be reached at

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