UK's GAME hosting store lock-ins for Xbox One

If you want to try the Xbox One before release and you happen to live in the UK, then you're in luck, as video game retailer GAME is setting up some store "Lock-In" events, where up to 70 gamers will be locked in a store and given the chance to have a play on Xbox One versions of Forza 5, Dead Rising 3, RYSE and the new Killer Instinct.

To reserve a place at a participating store, all you need do is send a tweet to the one in question, or drop in and sign yourself up and you'll be on the shortlist for entrants on the night the lock-in takes place.

There's a lot of participating locations, ranging from Dundee through Banbury, Glasgow, Bedford, Teesside, Cambridge, Peterborough, Gloucester, Plymouth and more. Pretty much wherever there's a GAME, there will be a lock in at some point.

These will be running from October 14th right through to the release date of the One on 22nd November, where midnight launch events will take place at almost all GAME locations.

While I doubt anyone reading this site is under 18, it's worth noting that lock-ins are restricted to adults only. However, any kids that want to try a lock-in out, can do so on October 13th, when 30 GAME stores will be doing a junior lock-in for Skylanders SWAP force, giving young gamers a chance to play it before its official release on October 18th.

Anyone been to a lock-in before? If so, how did it go?

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