Under Pressure Promises Revolution

Under Pressure Promises Revolution Under Pressure Promises Revolution Under Pressure Promises Revolution Under Pressure Promises Revolution

When MegaGames first mentioned the game, no one had an idea of what exactly a fashion designer and a games publisher could have in common. We still don't, unless their designing Sims outfits, but now Atari has released some details of what, it claims, is a revolutionary game based on urban culture. For some in-game images follow the Screens tab above.

Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure will represent the culmination of seven years of story and character development by Marc Ecko, himself a graphic artist with deep ties to graffiti and urban culture. Game development and design is being executed by The Collective, with Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure slated to be published by Atari in the second half of 2005 for the PlayStation 2.

We have the chance to finally tell the urban narrative the right way...with soul and sincerity in the real voice of our culture, said Marc Ecko. Atari shares my passion for this project. They understand that the video game is the ideal medium to deliver a fully immersive urban experience. Working with The Collective, we're going to shatter cliche stereotypes and create the first truly authentic urban video game experience.

Dedicated to creating a story and environment that is a true representation of graffiti culture, Mr. Ecko has enlisted 50 of the world's most elite graffiti artists to lend their best artwork and personal experiences to the game and consult with The Collective to give Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure the authentic look and feel of a real urban environment.

Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure will create its own genre of gameplay, combining combat, action, adventure and stealth. The game uses a thrilling graffiti-driven framework to tell its story of self-expression and the fight for creative freedom. A thug, an outcast, a rebel...the lead character, Trane, is all of these in Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure. He sets out to earn his street cred by getting his graffiti tag up throughout the politically oppressive city of New Radius but as events unfold, Trane becomes the unlikely leader of an urban revolution.

The story's Get In, Get Up and Get Out gameplay mechanic offers gamers a unique arsenal of swift stealth and street fighting abilities to GET IN restricted areas of New Radius and battle through the city's rough streets; the dexterity and agility to scale any object in order to GET UP and place graffiti tags, spreading the message of rebellion; and the ingenuity to evade, escape and GET OUT.

The city of New Radius is a living character in Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure; it sets the tone and offers the thematic boundaries that oppress Trane from the opening cinematic to the dramatic conclusion, said Richard Hare, VP of Creative, The Collective.

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