Universities Can Get PS4 Devkits

PS First

Universities currently registered with the PS Vita Devkit programme, now have a chance to sign up to the same scheme for the PS4, giving them early access to the next-gen system in order to develop new applications, as part of the PlayStation First Academic Programme.

Run by Sony Computer Entertainment and SCE Worldwide Studios, the First Programme builds links with universities and other academic institutions, to keep the courses at these institutions as cutting edge as possible - letting students get a leg up by working with the same hardware and software as those in professional positions within the video game and software development industry.

Head of Academic Development for Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Dr Maria Stukoff, explained the programme: "The next generation of Indie developers are now in education, and PlayStation First is at the forefront of enabling students to gain future-fit skills for PlayStation console development by providing access to real professional tools".

As part of this scheme, Sony is now seeking out unis and other academies for potential PS4 partnerships. Those interested are being invited to email applications@psedu.scedev.net.

To read more about it, check out the PS First site here.

It is also still offering hardware in the form of PS3, Vita and PSP kits, for those also interested in developing courses and course materials based around those platforms.

Any of you currently going through higher education? Would you be interested in taking a stab at PS4 development?

[Thanks AllGamesBeta]