Unlock Super Hard "1999 Mode" in Bioshock Infinite With Konami Code

1999 Mode

Fans of retro gaming or simply those old enough to remember, will appreciate this addition by Irrational Games in its yet to be released airbound shooter, Bioshock Infinite, as you can unlock the game's extra hard, "1999 Mode," by inputting the famous code.

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A is the traditional sequence on the PC and Xbox. Lacking those buttons on the PS3 (why are you playing a shooter on a console, really?) gamers that are also Sony fans, will need to replace B and A with O and X.

Normally 1999 mode is only unlocked once the game has been finished once through already and with good reason. 1999 Mode purportedly adds a lot more challenge to the game, not only by making enemies that bit harder but also by taking away your money every time you respawn, making it very likely that you'll only get one or two deaths in before you need to reload at a previous autosave.

1999 mode is named as such, not only because it draws inspiration from the days of much harder first person shooters from the 90s, but it's also the year that Irrational developers worked on the hit horror/shooter/RPG, System Shock 2 - the spiritual prequel to the last half decade's run of "shock" games.

I'm currently preloading Infinite at 1.2MBps... no fibre around here. How are you guys getting on?