UnrealFortress public released

UnrealFortress public released UnrealFortress public released UnrealFortress public released UnrealFortress public released

Welcome to Unreal Fortress (UnF), a total conversion of Epic Games' Unreal Tournament. Set in the near future, UnF is a team-based combat game that allows you to play as nine different classes, each with their own unique attributes, equipment, and weapons. UnF stays fresh because once you've gotten comfortable playing one class, you can start learning the subtleties of the others. In the mood to bash heads? Play the commando or heavy gunner. Want to use stealth and deception to confuse your enemies and destroy their defenses? Play the saboteur. Want to rush into enemy strongholds with speed and daring? Play the ranger. The list goes on. Since each class complements the others' strengths and weaknesses, teamwork is vital for defeating your enemies.
As the name implies, Unreal Fortress is a cousin of the great Fortress mods that have gone before it: Team Fortress, Team Fortress Classic, and Q3F. Our mod should be familiar to players of those mods, but still offer many new features. You don't need any prior experience with other Fortress games to enjoy our mod.

In this first public release of UnF, you get a new game mode, "Fortress", plus new skins, weapons, sounds, maps, and more. UnF is primarily designed for online play, although the bot AI has been partially modified to take advantage of the new features of UnF. Fortress mode is an extensively modified version of capture-the-flag. Your team's goal is to grab the enemy flag and bring it back to the drop-off point in your base while preventing the enemy from stealing your flag. The basic goal is simple, but the tactics are as complex as you want them to be.

In future releases, we plan to include full bot support, many more game modes, more maps, new player models, and other exciting features. One of our highest priorities is the implementation of full clan match-oriented features.

*You can download these files from our MegaGames ftp server :)

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