USD 2000 Donations Required To Liberate Unreleased Resident Evil Game

Before releasing Resident Evil Gaiden for the Game Boy Color, Capcom commissioned HotGen to port the original PlayStation Resident Evil to the handheld. The game was eventually cancelled near the end of its development because Capcom didn't feel that it lived up to fans expectations. We might be able to play this game very soon.

A game collector who doesn't want his identity to be known has announced that he has two prototype versions of the game that are 90% complete and he is willing to release them online as ROMs if he receives $2000 in donations.

The "fundraiser" has collected more than $1500 at the time this article was written, so it seems that it is not that off the mark. The anonymous game collector behind the project has released enough screenshots and details about the game to make his claims seem plausible.

The full details can be found here.

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