Valve: Xbox 360 And PC Community Are Way Above PS3

In a recent interview, Left 4 Dead project lead Chet Faliszek explained the reason why Left 4 Dead isn't and will not be released on Playstation 3. Put simply, Faliszek believes that the Xbox 360 community is "head and shoulders above the PS3."

"Right now for Left 4 Dead 2 we're looking at PC and 360 because the community aspects really fit the game - it's all about playing with your friends," he said.

"But that's the short term. What we're looking at for the long term... if it works out, it works out. Right now don't not buy it on the 360 because you think it's coming out on the PS3 - it's not going to. Right? It's coming out on the PC and 360. It's going to be exclusive for that."

"In hooking up with your friends and the community aspects, I think the Xbox 360 is head and shoulders above the PS3," Faliszek concluded. "The 360 and PC are on par, right?"

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