Vietnamese Kid Kills Woman To Play Online

Vietnamese Kid Kills Woman To Play Online

Dan, a 13 years old Vietnamese boy was arrested for murdering and robbing an 81 years old woman for money to play an online game.

According to Vietnamese police, Dan strangled Mai Thi Mau with a piece of rope and stole 100,000 dong (Vietnamese currency) from her before burying her in a pile of sand in front of his house on November 10.

Shockingly enough, those 100,000 dong amass for 6.2 Dollars.

"Dan confessed that he needed money to play online games and decided to kill and rob the woman",said policeman Nguyen Duy Duong.

"He is too young to be put in prison for the crime he committed, but we will send him to a reeducation camp, which may release him after he shows enough good behavior", Duong explained.