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Tekken Revolution

That free to play Tekken title on the PS3 is about to get three new characters, but which ones? That's where the creators aren't sure and they want you to help them decide. The choices aren't your typical characters though, even for a game that features a boxing kangaroo and a fighting panda.

Don't believe me? Here's your options for the Facebook Poll (vote here):

  • Sexy female Tekken Force character - think DOA, in Tekken style
  • Syake/Salmon - It quite literally a salmon. You know, the fish? It flops around and lays eggs apparently.
  • Female vampire - Pretty typical character, but she throws fireballs too
  • Shin Kamiya - Remember him from the Blood Vengeance movie? Well he doesn't know any martial arts. So he might not be so great.
  • Tougou: He has a sword. That's about his most interesting attribute.
  • Zombie Bride - it's a zombie bride. No clues as to what her moveset could be, but shambling is probably a good description of it.
  • Female Paul - Ever wished all that Vanilla Ice hair was on a girl? Well... that's what this character is.
  • Old man - An old man for you to beat up. He doesn't know any moves either...
  • Giant Praying Mantis - Because... why not?
  • Ganmi Chan - A Teenage, female, sumo wrestler. This is about the most legitimate sounding character on this list.

All of these characters were considered for other Tekken games in the past, but didn't make the cut - surprisingly - but now the producers want to put a few of them in for laughs and to show they care about what the fans think.

So go on guys, which one would you pick?

[Thanks AGB]