The Walking Dead Collection uprates graphics, lighting

If you never played through The Walking Dead games by Telltale, the Walking Dead Telltale Series Collection will be the perfect time to start, as it not only bundles together all of the previous games in the series, letting you complete the story in a few sittings if you prefer, but it also improves the graphics and lighting of the original games quite considerably.

Telltale Games has never been known for putting out the best looking games in the world. It adopted a pseudo-cell-shaded style for titles like Sam and Max and The Walking Dead to a less extent. The games looked fine, more than they looked great. The new releases as part of the Walking Dead Collection though, look far better.

Don't worry about watching the trailer if you plan to play the game, it only shows an early part of the very first episode.

The collection is slated to release on December 5 on both PS4 and Xbox One, collecting all 19 episodes of the game series, including Season One, Season Two, 400 Days and the three-part Michonne miniseries, as well as Season Three, a New Frontier.

The collection will cost $50 when it goes on sale, with Telltale planning the final season to finish the story of the game's protagonist in 2018. It's unclear when that chapter will release, but it's slated to appear next year on PC, iOS and Android devices, as well as on consoles.

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