Warriors Get Home

Warriors Get Home Warriors Get Home

In New York in the late 70's a battle rages from the seedy beachfront of Coney Island, Brooklyn to the desolate wilds of Van Courtlandt Park in the north Bronx - and across all points in between.

The armies of the night number 60,000 strong... and tonight they're all after The Warriors.

This October, Rockstar's videogame adaptation of the 1979 Paramount Pictures cult film classic arrives on PlayStation 2 and Xbox.

Step into the world of The Warriors and fight for survival on an epic and brutal journey through New York.

Now The Warriors have an official home.

The website includes a couple of short but juicy exclusive video clips and screenshots allowing visitors to explore the gang-infested streets of New York. Starting from The Warriors' home turf of Coney Island and venturing up to encounter The Savage Huns of Chinatown, The Hi-Hats of Soho, and The Hurricanes of Spanish Harlem - leaving a trail of broken limbs and bloodied knuckles all the way.

As the launch date approaches, Rockstar is promising new material on the website for fans of the game and of the movie.

To get to the website follow the download tab above.