Watchdogs WeAreData Website Launched


If you were consoling yourself that the inter-connected, privacy destroying world of upcoming next-gen title, Watchdogs, was a mere dream of the future and not a reality, you might want to take a look at the WeAreData website just launched by Ubisoft. While it doesn't show us a world quite like Watchdogs, it's clear from the amount of data on show about some of Europe's biggest cities, that we're well on our way there.

On display is a map of three different cities: Paris, Berlin and London, with smaller parts of them highlighted for you to zoom in on. Once at that level of display, you can see all the locally connected systems, like traffic lights, mobile phone access networks, WiFi hotspots, ATM machines, twitter posts and Flickr images from everyday people and loads more.

You can even view how much the average person earns there or what the level of unemployment is.

"Watch_Dogs WeareData gathers available geolocated data in a non-exhaustive way: we only display the information for which we have been given the authorization by the sources.," reads the website. "Yet, it is already a huge amount of data. You may even watch what other users are looking at on the website through Facebook connect."

We're not quite at the level of Watchdogs yet, but doesn't it make you feel a little worried looking at this 1984 like vision of the future that's probably less than a decade away?

I suppose the creepy music doesn't help though.

Check it out here: