Wii Launch Date Maybe Tomorrow

Wii Launch Date Maybe Tomorrow

A leaked internal Virgin memo, sent out to some of its stores, mentions that Nintendo will be contacting stores to set up a "countdown to Wii launch" clock. The memo suggests that we could know the Wii launch date as soon as tomorrow.

The leaked memo includes a full list of the U.K. Virgin stores that will be receiving these clocks. In the months following E3 2006, Wii has become a media darling and Nintendo will use the current positive exposure in any way it can. Speculation regarding the launch date has been raging but if this memo turns out to be the real deal, we will all get to know soon enough.

The memo mentions that the Wii Clocks will be setup on August 14 although it is not clear when the countdown will begin; technically the clocks should be able to begin operating from August 15 although Nintendo is developing a reputation for teasing gamers with Wii details.

MegaGames U.K. readers are advised to rush to their nearest Virgin store to let readers know what the clocks "say", the full list of U.K. Virgin stores that will feature the Wii countdown is:

Cribbs Causeway
Kings Road