Wii Price Dips to $130

Nintendo Wii

In expectancy of the Wii U being released in just over a month's time - November 18th - Nintendo is dropping the price of the current-gen Wii console to just $130. This one comes with the black casing, a copy of Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort and a Wiimote Plus and Nunchuk. This deal is set to be available as of October 28th, seeing around a $20 drop from the current average of $150.

As well as clearing stock before the WIi U shows up with its $300 or so price tag, Nintendo is keeping itself competitive with Microsoft and Sony here, by offering a wider range of products to consumers. You'll have the premium, HD capable Wii U at the top end in its various incarnations, going head to head with the new super slim PS3 and reduce price Xbox 360 bundles and at the bottom end, fighting against the cheaper alternatives from the other big two, Nintendo has the Wii.

In a similar fashion to the way the PS2 has continued to sell well, it seems likely that with ongoing price cuts and sales, Nintendo can keep Wii's moving off the shelves and with its upcoming casual lineup of games on the Wii U, it would be surprising if someone of those weren't compatible with the Wii as well - even if an alternative, Wii specific version was released.

That said, if you're going to buy a Wii at this point, wouldn't you have done so already? It's been pretty affordable for a long time and with upcoming competition from Valve's Big Screen and the Ouya, will the Wii still be a viable purchase in a few months time? What do you guys think?