Wii Sadness - Many New Details

Wii Sadness - Many New Details Wii Sadness - Many New Details

Nibris, the Polish developers behind the Wii exclusive 'The Sadness', have announced further details about the game claiming that it will not feature a menu while it will also have an invisible save system.

Nibris claims the game will not be released before Q4, 2007 while the company has already brought in experienced help in order to sharpen the game. FrontLine Studios will be responsible for programming - a team of 30 people with large experience in Nintendo platforms and Digital Amigos will take care for the visual side of the game; a company specialising in game (Painkiller) and movie visuals. According to Nibris psychologists have also been consulted in order to maximize the effect of the game on the player.

The developer also wanted everyone to know that no publisher has been confirmed and that ...all the names of alleged publishers which appear on the internet are nothing but rumours.

Nibris will also avoid releasing any in-game images, or other information about The Sadness as, according to Adam Artur Antolski, one of the scriptwriters, Sadness is a novelty on the video games market. Both the story and the presentation of the game is going to be a surprise for a player. Apparently gamers will understand why no information was released once they play the game. The developer made it clear however, that the influences behind The Sadness are games that are well known and have been played by millions such as Eternal Darkness, Silent Hill, Resident Evil and Planetscape: Torment.

Additional information released introduces some of the monsters that may appear in-game and have a Slavic origin. It seems that even in its monster, Sadness will be different as Nibris claims that players might not encounter all of the monsters in the game as everything will depend on the choices the player makes.

Regarding the lack of a Menu and the invisible save system Nibris claims, Every choice a player makes is essential - if you experience traumatic events in your life, they are in you all the time. The same is going to be with Sadness. We want the player feel he participates in events, not only a game. The game will also have a saving system which is going to be invisible for a player. Operations by Wii controller are going to be completely intuitive.

With that limited information we move on to one of the baddies of Sadness, the Werwolf:


Usually born as normal people; until full adolescence there are no differences between them and children fortunate enough to be born humans. Only once they reach a certain age, at full moon, do they gain their dangerous identity. They still move on two legs but look like a cross-breed of a human and a wolf. The whole body is covered with wolf's hair, the head changes into wolf's face, instead of arms they have paws with claws. The next day they return to their human identity not remembering anything from the night's events; during the transformation they lose human consciousness and behave like hungry wolves. It can be explained by the fact that a sudden increase in body build demands large amounts of food and the werewolf, according to its instinct, tears apart anything which can serve as a source of protein. All werewolves stem from the ancient tribe of Neur, described by the Greek historian Herodotus. This tribe used to change into wolves every day but it happened more rarely once they started to mix with other tribes and people.


These monsters behave similarly to hungry wolves. They attack suddenly and their sole purpose is finding food, therefore they not only attack people but animals. When they have no choice they just attack the closest victim. Usually, however, they come back to their homes and devour their families. The next day, having no memory of the events they may even assist in the hunt for the alleged murderers of their parents; when a werewolf discovers the truth he/she usually commits a suicide.

Level of danger

One should not forget that werewolves are not monsters, they are just unlucky. A simple and sudden change in body mass and build generates a hunger frenzy. They want nothing else but to satisfy their hunger. The dangers associated with meeting a hungry wolf are well documented. A werewolf is even more dangerous as it is bigger and hungrier.

Defeating tactics

A recognised means of defeating a werewolf is a silver bullet; just as vampires are afraid of Bible verses and garlic. Moreover, you do not have to cut off the head of a slain werewolf because they do not have the power of revival.

Likho, liho (Russian: Лихо, Belarusian: лі́ха, Polish: licho) is an embodiment of evil fate and misfortune in Slavic mythology, a creature with one eye, usually depicted as an old person.