WMP 10 Released

WMP 10 Released

Microsoft announced the final version of Windows Media Player 10 is now available for download. The new player is designed to make it faster and easier for consumers to discover, download, play and transport their digital media, and includes the first built-in Digital Media Mall, which enables consumers to browse and acquire music and video from a broad number of online stores. The Digital Media Mall includes access in the United States to CinemaNow Inc., Musicmatch Inc., MusicNow LLC, Napster LLC, Wal-Mart Music Downloads and MSN Music, a preview of which will be made available tomorrow.

Windows Media Player 10 also enables consumers to transfer their music to more than 70 portable devices and automatically sync their entire media library -- music, video, recorded TV and pictures -- to new Windows Mobile -based Portable Media Centers, which Microsoft announced will be available tomorrow at retail.

Windows Media Player 10 offers a host of new and improved features including:

- New design. Windows Media Player 10 has a significantly updated look, making it quicker and more intuitive for users to perform common digital media activities. The player includes new ways to manage and enjoy a broader range of digital media -- music, video, and now also recorded TV and more -- and makes it easier than ever for consumers to create their own music CDs.
- Choice of online stores. Windows Media Player 10 includes the first built-in Digital Media Mall, where users can easily discover, sample, and download music and video from a myriad of leading online stores and services, including MSN Music preview, Napster, Musicmatch, MusicNow, Wal-Mart Music Downloads and CinemaNow in the United States, with more stores and services to come later this year.
- Enhanced device support. Windows Media Player 10 works with more than 70 portable devices, making it easy for consumers to take more digital music with them on the widest range of devices. The player also supports Windows Media Digital Rights Management 10, enabling consumers to transfer and play subscription and promotional content on portable devices, from Portable Media Centers available tomorrow to a range of new devices hitting the market this fall, including those connected via home networks. The new Auto Sync feature in Windows Media Player 10 will also work with certain existing and new devices, enabling users to automatically sync their music, video, pictures and recorded TV to portable devices.
- Smart Jukebox features. Windows Media Player 10 includes features to help users find and play exactly the digital media they want, quickly and easily. Users also can rip their favorite CDs in their choice of the most popular formats; high-quality Windows Media Audio (WMA) and now high-bit-rate MP3 ripping capability are built in.

Windows Media Player 10 is the only media player to provide a solution for discovering and downloading music and video from a broad range of online stores and services, managing and playing media, and taking digital media anywhere on a wide range of devices. Whether consumers want to enjoy music while sitting at their desk, watch a video on the laptop at the cafe, take their favorite TV shows on a business trip with a Portable Media Center, or quickly transfer a playlist of songs to a device on the way out the door, Windows Media Player 10 delivers more choices than ever before.

Windows Media Player 10 for Windows XP is now available, in English, French and Korean. Other language versions are scheduled to become available in fall 2004. The player will be available for download from the Web, follow the download tab above to get it.