World of Diving is a multiplayer Rift scuba game

There's a lot of underwater and scuba diving demos available for the Oculus Rift at the moment, whether it's The Deep, Lost Loot, Undercurrent or a host of others, but none of them are multiplayer. World of Diving is and even in its pre-alpha state, it looks gorgeous.

In a new trailer we see gamers scooting around the bottom of the ocean using flipper and motor power, but whichever speed they go there's a lot to look at, including other players.

Communication is done with real world diving signals, suggesting some measure of education in the game, though of course there's a lot of potential for that with underwater animals and plant life, perhaps in a fashion to the diving game on the Wii, Endless Ocean.

Like the aforementioned underwater title as well, there will be things to discover in World of Diving beyond just fish and plants. There's underwater ruins, shipwrecks and still functioning man made structures to explore, including legendary shipwrecks, all of which you can photograph on your underwater camera and share with friends.

It's great to see this game still being made, since it failed its initial IndieGogo campaign. Now though it's hoping to top up whatever cash it has with pre-orders, offering in-game cash and XP, so hopefully this won't be a game you need to spend a lot to find the most exciting underwater stuff.

What do you guys think of the trailer? Does it make you any more interested in the Rift as a gaming device?

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