WWE2K20 is struggling to work in 2020

Exactly two decades on from when the Millennium Bug, otherwise known as Y2K, was set to decimate the world of 20th-century computing, another timeline bug has appeared, this time, in the ironically titled, WWE2K20. Designed specifically with this year in mind, and released to the wider public just a few months ago in October, when January 1 2020 rolled around, it began kicking players out of their games.

WWE2K20 has suffered from a mountain of bugs since its release, from wrestlers clipping through the floor, to extremely wonky physics, and strange texturing issues, it's faced just about every problem you could expect from a poorly tested, modern sports title. But a Y2K-style bug is something else entirely and ultimately made the game entirely unplayable once January began. Some gamers figured out that setting your console's clock back to 2019 made it work just fine, but that's hardly a long-term solution.

Fortunately, this was one bug that 2K was swift in fixing.

Shortly into January 1, it announced on its Twitter that a hotfix had been released for the game and that all players needed to do was reboot their copy of the game and it would update. Reports so far suggest that the problem has been fixed, so it can't have been anything too complicated.

But it's still another log on the pile of embarrassment that 2K has faced since the game's launch. It's impressive that people are still playing it.

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