X2 - The Return Details

X2 - The Return Details X2 - The Return Details

Deep Silver and Egosoft have confirmed further details on the impending launch of X²- The Return on PC CD ROM. Enhancing and extending the gameplay of the award winning X²- The Threat; the expansion pack adds many exciting new features and involves players in a thrilling new storyline. X²- The Return is set for launch in February 2005.

X² - The Return picks up only weeks after the end of X²- The Threat. The battle at Omycron Lyrae has left the Argon fleet depleted and stretched. Green pilots are being drafted in as the Khaak continue their attacks on the X-universe. No one is immune, whole Terracorp convoys are being destroyed and the Paranid have been hammered by the heaviest attacks.

With no one to spare, Argon intelligence turns to Jules Brennan - for help. A mysterious ship with the power to appear and disappear at will has been seen. The Yaki pirates have taken advantage of the weak Argon fleet to carry out raids on Argon facilities and a machine left by an ancient species has been stolen. What does this machine do? Will the races of the X-universe survive the merciless attacks from the Khaak? And will the reason for their onslaught be discovered?

X² - The Return fires the player into a galaxy at war. To survive the player must learn new skills. Manning turrets to defend convoys, flying escort and attack missions, piloting stealthy spy missions, building super factories and commanding fleet sized actions. And with every new mission comes a new twist in the plot.


- For The Fans: a chance to uncover some of the biggest secrets in the X-universe in a new fast paced and twisting plot. With a story over six times larger than X² - The Threat, The Return is more than an expansion pack.

- Complex Building: Ability to connect factories to form large industry complexes. This way the player can now build gigantic constructions and make more money than ever before.

- Improved Menu System: A new graphical quick menu system, allows for complete and easy control of many advanced features, while not interrupting control of the ship.

- Build Your Own HQ with lots of new strategic command features.

- New Ships & Weapons, including; factory tugs; anti missile defence systems, & rapid fire lasers.

- Fully Customisable Controls: Players can define his own profile & many new keys are introduced.