X360 Backward Compatibility Issues

X360 Backward Compatibility Issues X360 Backward Compatibility Issues

On the sidelines of the official list of launch titles for XBox 360, Microsoft also announced the list of XBox games that will also run on X360. The list is extensive, including over 200 titles, and Microsoft claims that it will be continuously adding to that list. There is also a promise by the company to update certain important original XBox titles to HD, with the Halo saga serving as an example of what we can expect.

Although all this sounds interesting enough, the first complaints about the MS list are now surfacing. Planetxbox360 has compiled its own, alternative, list of titles it would like to see supported by the new MS console. The website raises the valid point that many gamers will want to enjoy Chronicles of Riddick, the Unreal and Burnout titles, Dynasty Warriors and the Splinter Cell games for example while an equal number of gamers would not be grief-stricken if Total Fitness, Barbie Horse Adventures: Wild Horse Rescue and Shamu's Deep Sea Adventures were to be dropped from the supported titles list.

In fairness to MS the list of supported titles will be expanding and will hopefully include the vast majority of original XBox games. For links to both the MS and Planetxbox360 lists, follow the download tab above.