Xbox 360 Weak Korean Sales Dwarfs PS3's

Xbox 360 Weak Korean Sales Dwarfs PS3's Xbox 360 Weak Korean Sales Dwarfs PS3's

During an interview at the Gstar international game expo in Seoul, Dae Hwan Lim, marketing coordinator for Microsoft Korea's entertainment & device division (which includes the Xbox 360) refused to divulge Xbox 360's total units sold in South Korea. "I can't say myself, but some reports here said about 100,000."

"It should be possible to pass Japan with the number of hardware sold," he added, but refused to elaborate. "I can't predict when."

Lim was then coaxed into discussing how Microsoft didn't enter the Korean market until Sony did. "At the time, people were aware of video games," he said. "But the userbase wasn't really established. But after the PlayStation, they could see the possibilities of the market. So Microsoft saw that there were some prospects, and decided to come."

"So with the launch of the Xbox, we had a direct competitive relationship with the PS2. But with the launch of the Xbox 360 in 2006, we stepped forward."

Lim refused to give further details other than that "Xbox 360 is doing much, much better (than the PS3). There's a huge gap in market sales. I can't mention other company's numbers directly, but it's multiples larger."