Xbox One's Fighter Within Looks Awful

Fighter Within

Ubisoft has only just unwittingly unveiled footage of it's Xbox One launch exclusive The Fighter Within and it's already clear that it's a huge bomb in the making. The first footage we were privy too had nothing to do with the game itself, it was all just marketing BS, showing CGi and some different types of people getting ready to "fight" in strangely empty rooms.

-See the first video below-

Trailers without in-game footage are annoying, but fine, it's a hype video, we can deal with that. It's the gameplay video though, from leaked footage, that's just awful.

-See the second video below-

In it we see a pair of women flailing away in-front of a screen + Kinect sensor, showing that the best way to play this game isn't to fight intelligently, or do anything that someone would do in a real fight, it's in-fact better to just do lazy, limp wristed punches at the screen like you're playing Wii boxing.

However, unlike Wii Boxing, where you could move your body around to dodge attacks and move from left to right, there's none of that here. Instead we see the two girls just wail on each other with basic left-right combos until one of them goes down.

There are a few "special" moves thrown in, though nothing like the huge flying knee or wheel kick like in the first trailer, but they are all activated in ways that don't remotely resemble the actual attack.

To do a side-kick for example, we see one girl cross her arms over her legs several times. To do a jump off of a bit of the game's environment and kick the other character in the face, she just jumps about three inches off the floor.

It looks horribly laggy, horrible choreographed and the fights are nothing like anything resembling reality. It's Fighter's Uncaged with some next-gen graphics. Whoopty doo.

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