XBox Power Cables Withdrawn

XBox Power Cables Withdrawn

Microsoft has confirmed that it is ready to replace over 14 million power cables for its XBox console, due to safety concerns. It appears that complaints regarding the specific cables have claimed that they are a fire hazard while Microsoft reports it has received 30 reports of such events.

If your XBox was manufactured before October 23, 2003, it requires a replacement cord (except for consoles purchased in Continental Europe, where consoles manufactured prior to January 13, 2004 require a replacement cord).

According to Microsoft, less than one in 10,000 consoles has experienced these component failures. In almost all instances, any damage caused by these failures was contained within the console itself or limited to the tip of the power cord at the back of the console. Some information however, claims that in seven out of the 30 reported cases, customers reported sustaining a minor burn to their hand while in 23 cases, customers reported smoke damage, or minor damage to a carpet or entertainment centre.

While waiting for your new cord MS advises users not to stop playing but to just turn-off the device when not in use. There will, of course, be no charge for replacing your power cord and it should arrive within 2-4 weeks of you ordering it.

Follow the download tab above to go to Microsoft's replacement website.