Zynga Partners With 7-Eleven To Bring FaceBook Games To Ice Cream

Zynga Partners With 7-Eleven To Bring FaceBook Games To Ice Cream

In one of the broadest product promotions in its history, 7-Eleven partnered with Zynga to offer FarmVille-, Mafia Wars- and YoVille-branded items on many of the convenience retailer's products, including signature Slurpee and Big Gulp drinks in nearly 7,000 stores across the United States and Canada. The innovative campaign, the first retail tie-in for Zynga, will allow millions of consumers to redeem exclusive virtual items within Zynga games during a six-week campaign beginning June 1.

As a part the promotion, 7-Eleven will unveil an advertising campaign across satellite and local radio as well as print, online and outdoor. Also, vignettes featuring characters from MTV's popular programs will air as the campaign hits stores.

Consumers will be able to purchase specially marked products to receive a redemption code that can be used for a new, limited-edition virtual good in one of three Zynga hit games. Product codes can be redeemed online at https://www.BuyEarnPlay.com. In addition, consumers can also earn an über gift in each game by purchasing unique qualifying items and participating in at least one in-game activity, like mastering a crop in FarmVille, vaulting a collection in Mafia Wars and redeeming seven items in YoVille. For FarmVille, the über gift is 200 FarmVille cash; Mafia Wars, 50 Skill Points, and YoVille, a virtual Slurpee machine.

"7-Eleven's partnership with Zynga has launched one of the most unique campaigns in our company's history," said Rita Bargerhuff, 7-Eleven vice president and chief marketing officer. "It gives millions of loyal fans, who regularly play Zynga games, access to incentives on more than 30 products in our stores. The Zynga universe of gamers is vast, and we knew we had to come up with a promotion fit for this demographic. Attracting millions of consumers to 7-Eleven stores with exclusive items for Zynga games creates an additional opportunity for them to try some of our newest products, like our proprietary 7-Select™ ice cream and candy, along with long-time favorites, such as Slurpee and coffee drinks."

"Through our promotion with 7-Eleven, we are expanding our reach and making our games more accessible to consumers," said Vish Makhijani, senior vice president of business operations at Zynga. "The opportunity to collect exclusive items for FarmVille, Mafia Wars and YoVille that are found only at 7-Eleven stores creates a unique way for players to get the best social experience in our games."

7-Eleven's promotion runs through July 15 or while supplies/coded products last. Exclusive virtual items and corresponding 7-Eleven products include:


  • Fun Slide - Slurpee cups
  • Big Splash - Big Gulp cups
  • Coffee Cart - Large iced coffee
  • Sandwich Cart - All fresh sandwiches
  • Chocolate Persimmon (Tree) - Cut fruit
  • Neapolitan Cow - 7-Select vanilla ice cream (pint size)
  • Water Tower - 7-Select bottle water
  • 10 Fuel Tanks - Prepaid FarmVille game card

Mafia Wars

  • Showman (weapon) - Slurpee
  • Trio Diva (vehicle) - Big Gulp
  • Lone Wolf (weapon) - 20-ounce coffee
  • Sleek Bulletproof Vest (armor) - pizza, chicken wings, Big Bite products, chicken tenders and breakfast quesadillas
  • Pepper Shaker (weapon) - hash browns, taquitos, Burrito Rollers, potato wedges
  • Palermo Prowler (vehicle) - 7-Select chips
  • Combat Helmet (armor) - Prepaid Mafia Wars game card


  • Wall Freezer - Slurpee
  • Hamburger Stand - Big Gulp
  • Coffee Machine - 7-Select packaged brownies
  • Donut Display - 7-Select packaged cake donuts, four-pack
  • Candy Stand - 7-Select candy
  • Soda Machine - 7-Select orange soda
  • Nacho Machine - Prepaid YoVille game card