Red Orchestra v3.0: Combined Arms [Full]


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No life was untouched by the Great War of the 20th century. Young men from lands across the globe were thrust into deadly battle against one another. For some, it was a mission of global domination. For others, it was in defense of their homeland. For all, it was a struggle that would define the course of modern civilization.

Choose your allegiance and prepare for the most intense PC multiplayer combat experience. Red Orchestra puts you on the front lines of the Eastern conflict of World War II. Take up arms with your Soviet comrades, or fall in line with the German army and battle over the precious lands of the European theatre.

Fight your way through crumbling cities, resonating with the deafening sounds of battle. Immerse yourself in breathtaking recreations of real-world inspired locales. Communicate strategies with your team members.

Please note that this modification requires EPIC UT2004 patch3270 which can be downloaded from here:

Change log :
- New Artillery system.
- Added binoculars in. All squad leaders may choose them. Point them at something and press fire to save your artillery coordinates.
- Added voice over for artillery system
- Added Weapon Sway
- Vehicles - PanzerIV, HalfTrack, T34. Fully functioning with tank cannon and MG positions.
- Panzerfaust, for destroying the tanks.
- Disable pickup of ammunition if you do not have the gun
- Reset FOV if you throw weapon when zoomed
- Added dropping weapon if hit in the hand (with HUD message)
- New player animations
- New animations for all Weapoons
- Map updates
- New code to better support forward/backward spawning
- Satchels on Sevastopol
- Added Semi-Auto Role
- New parameters for karma death (flying bodies with grenades)
- Reduced weapon shake during SMG firing
- New camo sleeves for 1st person
- New texture files for weapons and characters
- Adjusted free-aim so there is no longer a "dead-zone" where mouse sensitivity has no effect.
- New in game menu system and menu art.
- New sound system for vehicles.
- Supports multiple ambient sounds with 3d locational positioning and velocity based pitch/volume adjustment.
- All new sounds for tanks including: Engine idle, start, stop, cannon fire, cannon reload, tracks squeaking, interior rumble, and hull mg firing.
- Added turret rotation sounds for PIV and T34
- Vehicles now can cap objectives. Each person in the vehicles counts toward the cap as well.
- Set the realistic zoom levels for tank cannon optics
- Set turret rotation to realistic speeds
- Added damaged vehicle emitter effects
- Added vehicle hit effects, and hit effects for dirt and snow for the tank shells.
- Added new artillery hit effects.
- Artillery now has two hit effects depending on the surface it hits (snow or dirt.)
- Fixed the turrets being backwards when you get in the gunner position
- Added roles for tank crew (Tank Commander and Tanker)
- Tanks may now only be operated by tank crew members
- Added new scope overlays for vehicles
- Added a short waiting time when a tank if first entered to allow additional crewmembers. If more than 1 person is in the tank, the tank may leave instantly. If not the player must wait a few seconds before leaving.
- Added messages notifying the player of Waiting For Crew, and various other things such as trying to enter a tank when you are not tank crew.
- Reduced the sound radius on artillery explosion
- Inactive/completed objectives are now grayed out on the overhead map.
- Replaced the portal 3d scope with a different 3d scope that uses texture rendering. Doesn't have the jitter problems, non smooth movement problems, or view deficiencies that the portal scope system had.
- Added a different style of view shake when firing sniper rifles.
- Fixed prone rotation to be equivalent in speed to standing rotation.
- Added code to make many of the weapon transitions appear much smoother, especially the transition from iron sights back to free-aim.
- Kalinin has been modified to allow the germans to retain thier forward spawn until the Allies capture both forward villages.
- Fixed an issues with bullets not appearing correctly on bolt action rifles.
- New prone transition
- Multiplayer menu is now RO's not UT2k4s.
- Players view now does not roll with the terrain they are on. Makes prone less disorienting.
- Fixed artillery not giving the person who called in the strike credit for the kills.
- Added icons for artillery strike, panzerfaust and tank cannon kills
- Fixed 3d scoped view being angled when player is on an incline.
- Added death icons for satchels
- Added a tank icon while in tanks. The icon replaces the player icon, and displays the health of the vehicle, the rotation of the turret, and which positions in the tank are occupied.
- Added ballistics for the tank cannon shells.

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