Aarklash: Legacy (+6 Trainer)

Aarklash: Legacy

Aarklash: Legacy (+6 Trainer) [AOBeta]

Text file description:

                                              Aarklash: Legacy PC
                        For trainer options see below
                        Press F12 to enable our trainer in game!
                        Your Options:                       Effect:
                        F1 > Unlimited Health                   - Max health for your team.
                        F2 > Unlimited Mana                     - You always have max mana
F3 > Unlimited Stamina                  - You always have max stamina
                        F4 > Increase Level                     - You can increase skill level
                        F5 > Unlimited Skill Points             - Gives you skillpoints when you hve none
                        F6 > No Cooldowns                       - You can use spells instantly
                        "All versions"
                        If you happend to be using windows 7,
                        please make sure to turn off Windows UAC!
                        also try run our trainers by right clicking the trainer
                        and select to run as administrator!
                        Enjoy this sweet trainer by AOBETA!
                        greets goes to anyone that likes our work
                        and to our familys and close friends
                        A big thank's to LinGon for help out on trainer source!
                               Stay tuned for more trainers from us soon!

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This is almost always a false alarm.


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