Amnesia: The Dark Descent (+6 Trainer)

Amnesia: The Dark Descent (+6 Trainer) 
Amnesia: The Dark Descent (+6 Trainer)

Amnesia: The Dark Descent (+6 Trainer) [DEViATED]

Text file description:

                   . .. p R O U D L Y  p R E S E N T S . ..
                Amnesia: The Dark Descent 1.0 PLUS 6 TRAINER
           Date...........: 09/09/2010      Releaser: iNTANGiBLE
           Type...........: TRAINER         Options.: 6
           TESTED ON......: WIN 7
   USAGE/NOTE: 1) Run trainer and game
               2) Press F1 to activate the trainer
               3) Use your desired hotkey to enable/disable a cheat
   Trainer was tested on Win 7. Enjoy!
    Hotkey   Toggle         No.   Option
    F1        NO            /     ACTIVATE TRAINER
    NUM1      YES           1     PERFECT HEALTH
    NUM2      YES           2     PERFECT SANITY
    NUM3      YES           3     UNLIMITED LAMP OIL
    NUM4      YES           4     UNLIMITED TINDERBOXES
    NUM5      YES           5     SUPER SPEED
	NUM6      NO            6     SAVE CURRENT POSITION
    NUM7      NO            6     TELEPORT
	NUM8      NO            6     UNDO TELEPORT
    For more information, visit:
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  [ NOTES ]
   1 - If you have no Lamp Oil or Tinderboxes and you want to use their
       options, you may have to press TAB for the options to take effect.
   If you have any other questions please visit and
   let me/us know!
   Greetz fly to STN, KEMiCZA, eXtreme, CJB, Psych, HonestGamer, and others!
   EMAiL: team[dot]dvt[at]live[dot]com
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   - Skilled Gamehackers
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   - ASCII Artists
   - Or anyway you think you can help us, contact us right away!
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    we're very social people.
   - Midgets, because they're cute and sexy. Like STN!
        NFO ART: CoaXCable/CoolPHat

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Your anti-virus software and web browser may detect them as malware (viruses, worms, trojans, bots etc.).

This is almost always a false alarm.


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