Baldur's Gate +11 trainer

Baldur's Gate +11 trainer

Baldur's Gate +11 trainer

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			    |                   |
		   ( cD iMAGES .____. F o R the E L i T E )
		       _____|__|.   |___________|_______
	    _ __ ____ /   _____||   |    ______________/____ __ _
	    \\_\__ /    \_|__|    |    ____/  ____/__. __//_///
	     ........\__________    :____|.\____|     |........
	. .....:::::::::::::|::|____|:::::::::::\______|::::::..... .
			    |                   |
			    |              <e>  |
                CD Images For the Elite Proudly Presents
  :::    [     Baldurs Gate +11 Trainer (c) miraMax        ]   :::
      Supplier : miRamax          Number of Tracks : -
      Packager : miRamax          Rar's            : 1
      Format   : -                Date             : Dec 29, 1998
 [ notes   ]
           This File Passed
 The smallest CiFE release ever :). Well since only ripped games are getting
 trainers we felt that ISO only games deserved to be trained as well
 especially elite ones like Baldur's Gate.
 So thanks to our CLASS friend miRamax here is a BG trainer +11.
 Trainer Info
 F1-F8   : Use them when you create a new character. You be able to get
          maximize your skills at the proficiency slots (as many as your
          character allows). The magic characters will also be able to
          learn/get maximum spells. Furthermore will the Thief be able
          to get maximum at the special theif skills.
 F10     : Maximum Coins, when this cheat is enabled, you will get your
          wallet filled with 99999999 coins, each time you rightclick on
          the character-icon (to the right) you want to maximize.
 F11     : With this option, your characters HP will get maximized each
          time you rightclick on the character-icon to the right
          (and go into the inventory)
 F12     : Maximize Abilities, when this on is enabled you will be able
          to maximize your abilities when you create your character. Since
          all the ability-points are allocated when you see the ability-
          screen you will have to hit '-' once, and then start allocating.
          You will notice that the points wont decrease when a new point is
 If you got a slow computer, hold down the F-key for a sec b4 releasing. When
 you have enabled the cheats you want, you can ALT+TAB and close the trainer.
 It doesnt have to run, since it patches the game once (tho you have to run
 it each time you play if you're using F10 or F11)
 Merry Christmas!
 Welcome Cxxxxxx Dxxxxxxxxxx as our HQ
 Earlier today was spreaded ManKind-CiFE. So please all ISO sites ops nuke
 this LAME FAKE as deserved x5 and x10000 for the lamer who decided to
 spread this j0nx without any senior approval....
 For those who are interested in ManKind the game is an online only game
 and like UO unless you got a valid serial # the game is 100% USELESS.
 so NUKE the j0nx already dammit!!!!
 Group greetings: RiSCISO, ISOCD98, Kalisto, Certiso, Isolated, Isoworld
 [ Founders ]
                        Arch Vile - Eci - Temp
 [ Leaders ]
                                  Temp - Eci
 [ Members ]
  Casimir - Cqsys - Debber - Dumdi - Enforcer - Cyberwar - Gen0 - Hoson
  Muna - Dleogr - Seal - French - HS - Stamper - Treznie - Wishbone
  Geeli - Trainman - Zendor - Nikon - Zentek - Silentjoe - Dsilence - Faith
  Proegine - Server - KelLogGes - [Abaddon] - Gal - Katman - Lump
  Fallen Angel - I- - Gbh - Jaw - Tape - Lazarus - Kiterith - Rulex
  Snowcrash - Glacius - Prozac - The Ghost - Nitro777 - Bender
 [ CiFE sites ]
 [ Name ]                [ Position ]         [ IP ]            [ SITEOP ]
 Xxx Xxxx                 Internet EHQ    Xxxxx
 QxxxCxx                  Internet NAHQ    xxx/xxxxxx
 Hxxxx Ox Txxxxxxxx       Internet CAHQ    Xxxxxx
 SxxxDxxx                 Internet SEHQ    xxxxx
 Mxxxxxx                  Internet FRHQ    xxxxxx
 Mxxxxxxxx                Internet USHQ    xxxxxxxx
 TxxxxCxxx                Internet HQ    xxxxx
 FxxxMxxxxx 2             Internet HQ    xxxxx
 Txxxxxxx                 Internet HQ    xx
 Cxxxxxx Dxxxxxxxxxx      Internet HQ    xxxxxx
      If you are able to supply CD Images, email
     --- -                                - ---
             .::[ CiFE ]::. Last Updated On December 22, 1998
This trainer has been verified and it
'works'. If you find any difficulties
please refer to the documentation that
comes with the trainer (if there is any)
or it must be due to the version
differences of the game that was used
for creating this trainer and the version
you are using.


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