Bass Pro Shops Trophy Hunter 2007 (Save Editor)

Bass Pro Shops Trophy Hunter 2007 (Save Editor)

Bass Pro Shops Trophy Hunter 2007 (Save Editor)

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      H   A   T   R   E   D      P   R   E   S   E   N   T   S
                 Bass Pro Shops Trophy Bass 2007 Savegame Editor
            01/2007 :.. . genre ..: Fishing
                savegame editor which lets you edit the following
                in your savegames:
                * cash
                * difficulty level
                * character and boat types
                * locked/unlocked states of boats and lakes
             1. extract and run included hatedox.exe
             2. open your savegame and make wanted changes
             3. have fun :)
              HATRED does not condone in selling warez of any kind.
              HATRED does not respect any p2p networks, NFOrce or
              anything to make the scene more public.
              * HATRED does not believe in using DEMO executables to
              circumvent a protection. To clarify for those groups
              who are confused, a demo executable isn't a crack.
              HATRED does not believe in using clone "groups" as a
              main source of supplying. Supply yourself, don't rely
              on others.
              * As a side note, those groups who flame CLONE groups
                stating how little talent is needed for that scene,
                are the same people downloading a demo exe and
                calling it a crack, how skillful. To us, you're
                just as lame.
                     We greet the respectable groups like:
                       SOULDRINKER - GENESIS - FAIRLIGHT
                       DEVIANCE - RAZOR1911 - iMMERSiON
            ascii art by          barium<SAC>

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