Extalia Need For Speed: Underground 2 v1.2 (+5 Trainer)

Need For Speed: Underground 2 v1.2 (+5 Trainer)


Need For Speed: Underground 2 v1.2 (+5 Trainer)

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                           P R E S E N T S
         T R A I N E R        S P E C I F I C A T I O N
     01.  F8 - Takes your current earnings and adds $10000 to the
     02.  F9 - Locks your money so that it does not decrease when
               purchasing from any of the 5 shops.
     03. F10 - Enters automatically refilling NOS mode. When you
               release your NOS key then your guage will be refilled.
     04. F11 - Clears the effect of the previous two cheats. F9 and 10
               are not toggles, so if you wish to disable either of
               them then you need to use this key.
     At first glance you might come to the conclusion that function F8
     voids the requirement for F9. Clearly you do not need to use both,
     they are both provided so that you can choose to what degree you
     cheat by. F8 is irreversible effect. F9 is not.
     We tried to do unlimited NOS rather than refilling NOS. The
     difference is that you could keep the key depressed forever and
     continue to NOS for the entire race if you wished, but this
     caused undesired behavour, for example, AI cars were no longer
     racing around the track amonst other undesired behaviours. We
     believe this has something to do with protection that is built
     into the game to prevent cheating.
             D O X                 S T A T E M E N T
     MiNT neither supports nor condones the use of trainers in
     conjunction with online game play. Our trainers are for use in
     single player modes only. For this reason our trainers are not
     tested for their suitability or reliability in online modes so do
     not be surprised if they fail to operate in such environments.
     Cheating may devalue your gameplay experience. Use at your sole
          G R O U P                     I N F O
          Contact us if you are looking for a friendly group and:
                  You're a supplier of unreleased content.
                   You're a site owner looking to affil.
                     (especially if you support anime)
               You could contact us directly or if you prefer
              try your luck at e-mailing the following address.
                         Highest regards to LhBoX.
             Our releases are not intended for P2P distribution.

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