Far Cry 4 x64 v1.3.0 (+23 Trainer) [Aleksander D]

Far Cry 4 x64 v1.3.0 (+23 Trainer) [Aleksander D]

Far Cry 4 x64 v1.3.0 (+23 Trainer) [Aleksander D]

Text file description:

Far Cry 4 v1.3.0 Plus 23 Trainer
Keypad 1: infinite life
Keypad 2: No loading
Keypad 3: unlimited bullets
Keypad 4: unlimited grenades
Keypad 5: unlimited money
Keypad 6: unlimited upgrade points
Keypad 7: Stealth
Keypad 8: maximum precision
Keypad 9: oversized backpacks grid
Keypad +: freeze all
U + keypad 1: Quick Experience
U + keypad 2: recoilless
U + keypad 3: Weapons will not be damaged
U + Keypad 4: C4 restriction removal
U + keypad 5: unlimited oxygen
U + keypad 6: Maximum karma rating
U + keypad 7: one hit kill
U + keypad 8: Super Speed
U + Keypad 9: Super Jump
U + keypad 0: Unlimited Armor
Page Up: Time Acceleration
Page Down: Deceleration
Keypad 0: Transfer active / skip / acceleration related options
Keypad /: Storage Location
Keypad *: delivery location
Keypad -: cancel transmission
by Aleksander D

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