Far Cry 6 v1.4.0 (+36 Trainer) [FLiNG]

Far Cry 6 v1.4.0 (+36 Trainer) [FLiNG]

Far Cry 6 v1.4.0 (+36 Trainer) [FLiNG]

Text file description:

Far Cry 6 Trainer/Cheat
37 Options  Game Version: v1.1.0-v1.4.0+  Last Updated: 2022.02.05
Num 1  Infinite Health
Num 2  Infinite Stamina
Num 3  Infinite Ammo
Num 4  Infinite Grenades/Throwables
Num 5  No Reload
Num 6  Super Accuracy
Num 7  No Recoil
Num 8  Suppressor No Overheat
Num 9  Supremo No Cooldown
Num 0  One Hit Kill
Num .  Damage Multiplier
Num +  Stealth Mode
Ctrl+Num 1  Infinite Oxygen
Ctrl+Num 2  Infinite Breath (Sniping)
Ctrl+Num 3  Machine Gun No Overheat
Ctrl+Num 4  Infinite Healing Syringes
Ctrl+Num 5  Infinite Auto Turrets
Ctrl+Num 6  Fishing Line Wont Break
Ctrl+Num 7  Set Game Speed
Ctrl+Num 8  Set Player Speed
Ctrl+Num 9  Set Jump Height
Ctrl+Num 0  Teleport To Waypoint
Alt+Num 1  Infinite Vehicle Health
Alt+Num 2  One Hit Destroy Vehicles
Alt+Num 3  Ignore Crafting Requirements
Alt+Num 4  Ignore Building Requirements
Alt+Num 5  Infinite Exp
Alt+Num 6  Exp Multiplier
Alt+Num 7  Infinite Money (Yaran Pesos)
Alt+Num 8  Money Multiplier
Alt+Num 9  Infinite Depleted Uranium
Alt+Num 0  Depleted Uranium Multiplier
Alt+Num .  Infinite Materials
Alt+Num +  Infinite Camp Resources
Alt+Num   Pick Up Items Multiplier
Ctrl+F1  Infinite Cash (DLC 1)
Ctrl+F2  Infinite Respect (DLC 2)
Infinite Ammo: When activated, ammo wont decrease when reloading.
One Hit Kill, Damage Multiplier: Only works on human, note it also affects friendly NPC and civilians.
Stealth Mode: If youre detected before activating this option, you will need to leave the battle in order to enter stealth mode.
Infinite Money(Yaran Pesos), Money Multiplier: Takes effect when you pick up money (Yaran Pesos).
Ignore Crafting Requirements: When activated, you can craft items even if you dont have materials, but if you have materials, they will be used.
Infinite Grenades/Throwables, Infinite Healing Syringes, Infinite Auto Turrets: When activated, their quantities wont decrease.
Ignore Building Requirements: Activate before entering building menu. When activated, you can build and upgrade buildings even if you dont have materials, but if you have materials, they will be used.
Infinite Exp: Takes effect when you gain exp.
Infinite Depleted Uranium, Depleted Uranium Multiplier: Takes effect when you pick up depleted uranium.
Infinite Materials: Works for resolver materials and tradables. Takes effect when you pick up resolver materials or tradables.
Infinite Camp Resources: Takes effect when you pick up camp resources.
Pick Up Items Multiplier: Works for resolver materials, tradables, and camp resources. Takes effect when you pick up these items.
Teleport To Waypoint: After teleportation, you will fall from certain height, use Infinite Health to prevent fall damage.
Infinite Cash (DLC 1): Takes effect when you pick up cash in DLC 1.
Infinite Respect (DLC 2): Takes effect when you gain respect in DLC 2.
2022.02.05: Update for v1.4.0 game version; Added Infinite Respect (DLC 2) option.
2021.12.15: Update for v1.3.1 game version.
2021.12.08: Update for v1.3.0 game version; Added Infinite Cash (DLC 1) option.
2021.11.03: Update for v1.2.0 game version.

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