FAS Cosplay Fetish Academy (Unlocker)

Cosplay Fetish Academy (Unlocker)


Cosplay Fetish Academy (Unlocker)

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              ____/\_____________/\_____________/\____________ __
          '  \_    _________/    _      __/    __________ _
       n    __/    _______/__/    __    _/__/______    _/_/     .....'
     '    _  \_   f |:::::::\_     |     a\_     |     s:::....:...:
   ::     .. ::\____|::: ::::\____|       >:\____'      >::  | :
   .        .::::\__|:::::::::::\__\______/::::\__\______/::: '  :
            ::::::::::::::::::::::\_____/::::::::\_____/::::  d9:....
                      Cosplay Fetish Academy *Unlocker*
  Date.........: 2009-07-28                         Files........: 01 x 5.00
  Company......: G-Collections                      Language.....: English
  Requirements.: Cosplay.Fetish.Academy-FASiSO
  __/    |     _/
  \_     |
   :\____|     g >:
  ::::::\_____/::'                  Game Notes
  Unlocks all extras:
  - Graphics
  - Scenes
  My name is Ryouji, and I'm just an average student at Seiai Academy. I live
  my days happily with my twin cousins Shana and Yuuki who are staying at my
  house to go to the Academy as well, but one day at the end of summer
  vacation our lives are changed for ever.
  Stopping by the shrine where Yuuki worked part time as a miko priestess
  after my own part time job, we were about to go home together when suddenly
  thunder roared through the cloudless sky. Looking up I gathered Yuuki and
  Shana under me and ducked - promptly passing out!
  When I came to I felt fine, but my cousins were looking around with worried
  expressions. The shrine was near several girls' schools, and as usual many
  of the students were walking down the street nearby - but they were wearing
  the most outlandish costumes!
  Some were in bondage gear, some in aprons with nothing underneath, others
  in bunny suits and still others in swimsuits you wouldn't see even on the
  most radical Brazilian beach. Even stranger, the girls seemed as if what
  they were wearing was perfectly normal! They were looking at Shana and
  Yuuki in their regular uniforms as if they were the ones out of place.
  At first I thought it was a prank, but no - there were too many people
  involved. I realized that this was in fact a gift from the gods, a boon to
  the luckless fellow that I had previously been, a world surrounded by the
  beautiful mystery of women!
  URL: http://peachprincess.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=GC034
  __/          _/
   :\____      i >:
  ::::::\_____/::'              Installation Notes
  1. UnRAR into install directory and overwrite (make backup first, so that
     you do not loose your savegames).
  __/    |     _/
  \_     |
   :\____|     g >:
  ::::::\_____/::'                  Group News
  We bring you games that other groups do not do. We are different, like us
  or hate us. You think some games that we release are crap? We do not care
  because we think that scene means that every game should be released.
  __/    |     _/
  \_     |
   :\____|     g >:
  ::::::\_____/::'                  Greetings
   If you enjoy this game, please buy it! Developers deserve your support!  

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