Grim Dawn v1.0.0.2 (+98 Trainer)

Grim Dawn

Grim Dawn v1.0.0.2 (+98 Trainer) [iMMO]

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                 IMMO PROUDLY PRESENTS:
               ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~
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                             GRIM  DAWN
  Release Date .....: 18-03-15     TRAINED HARD      Disks .....: 01 x 2.88mb
  Release Type .....: TRAINER                        Options ...: 98
 Release  Notes
                               ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~
  This trainer is mostly working with Grim Dawn v1.0.0.2!
  Trainer version: v5.82
  Previous version was accidently mislabled as v5.91, obviously it was v5.82!
 Change Notes
                                ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~
 Major Changes:
 -Completly redone the NoMats option. This should now work as intended!
 -Progress of updating the offset for the most recent GD version continued.
 Reimplemented Options:
 -All the developer options which where missing in v5.81 are back.
  -LogData, GfxInfo, PlayInfo, SoundInfo, PhysicsDebug, WeatherInfo, UIInfo,
   AmbienceInfo & IgnoreRequirements
 -Coordinate offsets got fixed, saving and loading positions should work again.
 -We did some huge changes to how the trainer handles the gui. It seems that
  the BrownOutEffekt is dependend with the current monitor refresh rate.
  This version contains an option, found in tab5, named BrownOutFix. If you
  encounter the BrownOutEffekt please activate this option and see if this
  reduces the BrownOutEffekt for you.
                              ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~
 changing the amount of iron (gold)
 changing your current level, experience, stat- & skillpoints
 When manipulating your physique and/or spirit, your health and/or energy is
  getting automatically adjusted correctly.
  1 point Physique = 3 Health | 1 point Spirit = 2 Energy
 Optionally added the possibility to permanently add the increment Attributes
 when changing your current level, stat- & skillpoints also get increased
 option to reset skillpoints (resets skillpoints depending on your level and
  resets all skills to zero)
 changing the level cap (so ur able to level beyond lvl50)
  Option to automaticly set the maximum level to the one you have previously
  for this character each time you create a new game.
  Using this option prevents you of accidently loosing exp cuz you forgot to
  set the maximum level again after creating a game with the particular char.
 Infinite Health
 Infinite Energy
 changing the attack-, movement- and cast-speed
 changing the reputation value on all factions! All factions are infinitely
  adjustable now and support reputation from -30.000 to +30.000.
 Zoom-Hack (up to 12times higher zoom)
 Activate all inGame available blueprints
 All in all you now should have 275 blueprints :D
 The list contains some gimmicks like developer testitems or mythical relics!
 direct manipulation on each inGame available skill
  You are able to simply hover any skill inGame and hit 'F2' to add 1 level.
 manipulation of the skilllevels gained from equip for each available skill
 setting the level of a skill up to the maximum skill lvl (which is about 10
  levels higher as when using the regular ingame skillpoints)!
 for example, this lets you set the level of 'Cadence' to 26/16
 additionally the trainer gives you the possibillity to activate 'hidden'
 Option to allways have 9 Savagary Charges active.
  Savagary is a new Shamanskill which gives you 224 - 224 Lightning Damage and
  +70% Ligthning Modifier!
 remove the cooldown on any skill
 manipulate base stats (Physique, Cunning, Spirit, Health & Energy)
 manipulate character stats (Hero/Boss kills, Monster kills, Damage dealt,
  Damage taken, Total Deaths)
 option to reset statpoints (resets skillpoints depending on your level and
  resets your base physique, cunning & spirit to its base values)
 option to change the character name
 option to manipulate the color of your characters name.
  This color will be visible to other players everywhere inGame.
 option to no longer need any materials for crafting
 Free dismantling!
  Just click on the combine / dismantle button, even if it isnt active!
 never-ending potiens (once activated a flasks runs until you die or logout!)
 Export/Import of Skill-Sets
 added an option to ressurect dead Hardcore characters!
  NOTE: Please follow the instructions given.
 Option to unlock Elite Difficulty
 Option to unlock Ultimate Difficulty
 Option to manipulate resistances
  (fire, cold, lightning, poison and acid, piercing, bleeding, vitality, aether
  stun, chaos, Physical, Disrupt, Freeze, Slow & Sleep)
 option to edit the elapsed time
 option to alter "Greatest Monster Killed"
 option to automaticly use HP Potiens
 display experience per hour
 display time to level up
 GDTH comes with its own inGame overlay with 5 different modules.
  - Experience Statistics
  - Frames per Second & Ping Informations
  - Character Statistics
  - Time Informations
  - Damage Statistics
 option to notify u whenever you are stunned, immobilized or trapped.
 option to change your character size (the bigger your character is the faster
  your character walks. This can exceed the general run speed limit!)
 Option to force your character to join any Multiplayer game regardless of
  character level and/or gamemode (hardcore/normal)
 Option to refresh a vendors itemtable.
 Option to capture your level up with 5 pictures the second you level up.
  ScreenShot Dir: \'Trainer Root'Captured-LvlUps'CharName'
 Option to manipulate the number of enemies spawned by the game (spawnrate).
 Added option for endless buffs.
  See '' for more information.
 Added support for the new devotion system.
  Option to activate each available Celestial Power.
  Option to manipulate available & unlocked Devotion Points.
  Option to change your current affinity requierements.
  NOTE these (affinity requierements) aren't permanent!
 Added Option to enable 'Dual-Wielding' on any char even if it does not have
  the requiered skills leveled.
 several options from the developer console.
  - Hide HUD (This hides grim dawn's HUD)
  - LogData (This displays various data for the player and npcs directly
    overlayed ingame. I assume this is one of those options Crate uses for
    debugging... quite fun to watch.)
  - Ignore Requirements (Enable this option and you will no longer have any
    requirements on items. E.G. equiping a weapon which needs lvl70 at level1)
  - Game Speed Multiplier (This is the original multiplier for speed Grim Dawn
    uses. With that being said, changing this value will not just effect your
    character only but EVERYTHING! Lowering this value below 1 even increases
    loading times ;) because everything is being slower. The original value
    for this multiplier is '1' GDTH gives you the possibility to manipulate
    this value from 0.0 up to 20.0! And btw. 0.0 means the game stops completly
    you need to increase the value first before you will be able to continue
    playing.). Also this is the reason why i've not removed the superman option
    because of the speed multiplier, Clark Kent effects only the player and
    nothing else.
  - Graphics Stats (Enables / disables displaying a variety of stats including
    frame rate)
  - Play Stats (Displays a variety of player stats on the screen)
  - UI Informations (Displays a variety of OnMouseOver Object informations
  - Sound Stats (Enables or disables displaying a variety of sound statistics)
  - Physics Stats (Shows data when things affect physics engine)
  - Weather Stats (Displays a variety of weather stats on the screen)
  - Ambiance Stats (Displays a variety of ambiance stats on the screen)
  - Set Player Invisible (Makes it so enemies don't see the player and thus
    don't attack - but you can attack them)
  - Always Warp To Cursor (Makes it so player always warps to destination)
 Added an option to fully enable the internal developer console
  After enabling this option you can call the console by using the '^' key.
 GDTH now features a real teleport-hack!
  You can save as many positions as you want.
  Locations once saved are accessible from the dropdownlist to teleport to.
 Option to automatically read out every NPC text you encounter.
 Added an option to change the Camera angle as well as the Field of View.
  - You can change the camera angle by holding your middle mousebutton down &
    moving your cursor up or down.
  - The Field of View can be changed by using a slider found in tab #5.
 -Added Day/Night toggle or directly specify a new inGame time.
                                  ~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~
  Email..: m0nsum [at]
                                  ~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~
      Hace  atom0s  character  Shin  Br  Kardinal  GlockenGerda
                     Gruxel  alkpone  Raze
                     .ASCII DONE BY A FRIEND!

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