Grim Dawn v0.3.4.8 b26 (+65 Trainer)

Grim Dawn

Grim Dawn v0.3.4.8 b26 (+65 Trainer) [iMMO]

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                       IMMO PROUDLY PRESENTS:
                    ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~
             ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~
  Release Date .....: 07-07-15                       Disks .....: 01 x 2.88mb
  Release Type .....: TRAINER                       Options ...: 65
 Release  Notes
                               ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~
  This trainer is working with Grim Dawn v0.3.4.8 (b26)!
  Trainer version: v3.5
 Change Notes
                                ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~
 +added option to resize your character.
 +added option to manipulate the skill levels gained from equipment.
  (That being said, the skill manipulation is fully done now!)
 +added option to automaticly restart Grim Dawn if the game crashes.
 +completly rewritten the interface.
 +the state of each checkbox now gets saved to an config file.
                              ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~
 +changing the amount of iron (gold)
 +changing your current level, experience, stat- & skillpoints
 +when changing your current level, stat- & skillpoints also get increased
 +option to reset skillpoints (resets skillpoints depending on your level and
  resets all skills to zero)
 +changing the level cap (so ur able to level beyond lvl40)
 +Infinite Health
 +Infinite Energy
 +changing the attack-, movement- and cast-speed
 +changing the reputation value on all factions! All factions are infinitely
  adjustable now and support reputation from -30k to +30k.
 +Zoom-Hack (up to 12times higher zoom)
 +Activate all inGame available blueprints
 +All in all you now should have 275 blueprints :D
 +The list contains some gimmicks like developer testitems or mythical relics!
 +direct manipulation on each inGame available skill
 +manipulation of the skilllevels gained from equip for each available skill
 +setting the level of a skill up to the maximum skill lvl (which is about 10
  levels higher as when using the regular ingame skillpoints)!
 +for example, this lets you set the level of 'Cadence' to 26/16
 +additionally the trainer gives you the possibillity to activate 'hidden'
 +those skills belong to a not yet published sixths class.
 +basicly those skills are not useable for anyone playing the game the regular
  way :P
 +remove the cooldown on any skill
 +manipulate base stats (Physique, Cunning, Spirit, Health & Energy)
 +manipulate character stats (Hero/Boss kills, Monster kills, Damage dealt,
  Damage taken, Total Deaths)
 +option to reset statpoints (resets skillpoints depending on your level and
  resets your base physique, cunning & spirit to its base values)
 +option to save your current heroes position and teleport to a saved position
  (still "beta"! probably wont work!)
 +option to change the character name
 +option to no longer need any materials for crafting
 +Free dismantling!
 +never-ending potiens (once activated a flasks runs until you die or logout!)
 +Export/Import of Skill-Sets
 +added an option to ressurect dead Hardcore characters!
  NOTE: Please follow the instructions given.
 +Option to unlock Elite Difficulty
 +Option to unlock Ultimate Difficulty
 +Option to manipulate resistances
  (fire, cold, lightning, poison and acid, piercing, bleeding, vitality, aether
  stun, chaos, Physical, Freeze, Slow & Sleep)
 +option to edit the elapsed time
 +option to alter "Greatest Monster Killed"
 +option to automaticly use HP Potiens
 +display experience per hour
 +display time to level up
 +option to display those stats via inGame overlay
 +option to change your character size (the bigger your character is the faster
  your character walks. This can exceed the general run speed limit!)
 +Settings for for all checkboxes now get saved
                                  ~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~
  IRC....: N/A
  WWW....: N/A
  Email..: m0nsum [at]
                                 ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~
  Just some personal greets from me:
          Hace - atom0s - bori - cw - Shin - Br - Falkster - bonebox
                         ... ASCII DONE BY A FRIEND!

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