Heroes of Might and Magic 3: Armageddon's _Blade

Heroes of Might and Magic 3: Armageddon's _Blade

Heroes of Might and Magic 3: Armageddon's _Blade

Text file description:

How to use?
To use the trainer, simply start the game first, then ALT+TAB and start the trainer. Use the selectet keys to activate the cheat in the game ot press the label.
As usual, use this trainer at your own risk! I am not responsible for any
damages or loss caused resulting from usage of this trainer. If this trainer delete your files, then I'm not responsible for it. Somebody may have modified the trainer (Some anti-cheater). But the best thing you can do in case of such a problem is to tell me where you downloaded the trainer from. I will track down the person who modified this trainer and take legal action against him/her.
Can I post this trainer on my web site?
Yes, you can. However, you must first inform me. This is necessary for me to
keep track of my trainers. Also, you must distribute this trainer in its
whole form.
Best of luck
Remember: Cheaters always win!
This trainer has been verified and it
'works'. If you find any difficulties
please refer to the documentation that
comes with the trainer (if there is any)
or it must be due to the version
differences of the game that was used
for creating this trainer and the version
you are using.

File information

Trainers are memory resident programs that alter the behaviour of a game.

Your anti-virus software and web browser may detect them as malware (viruses, worms, trojans, bots etc.).

This is almost always a false alarm.

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