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KKnD trainer

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 KKND-Editor, ver 1.10
Unit-Editor for 'Krush, Kill And Destroy!'
* Copyright Notice and Disclaimer                                          *
 * 'Krush, Kill and Destroy'(KKND) is a trademark of Melbourne House,
   and is so acknowledged. Any trademarks not mentioned here are still
 * The author of KKND-Editor is in no way affliated with the makers/
   publishers of KKND nor is KKND-Editor endorsed by them.
 * You use KKND-Editor at your OWN risk. If anything happens as a
   result of you using this product, I am in no way accountable for any
   damage caused.
 * KKND-Editor is freeware and may be distributed freely so long as
   its files are not removed or altered in any way.
What's NEW?
in ver 1.10 :
  - KKND-Editor should now be able to work with almost all versions
    of KKND - meaning those in other languages, eg. German, and
    possibly, future versions.
* Special Note on game-crashes! *
The game is known to crash/reboot under certain circumstances when
you overedit your stats with extremely high or low values. For example,
do not excessively increase the range of your rockets/flames and
decrease the delay of fire such that too many rockets or flames will
appear at a single shot. This is one sure way to crash the game.
In fact, most stats that are non-zero by default, are known to crash the
game when changed to 0, so KKND-Editor does not allow 0 value inputs.
KKND-Editor allows you to tip the near-impossible odds by giving you
options to modify your units' default strengths and prowess in
KKND. KKND-Editor is menu-driven and is relatively easy to use as it
was specially designed for the frustrated player to wreak vengeance
on the game that has been rather dubiously touted as a Red Alert/C&C
-'killer' by some. (Not by a longshot, IMHO! ;)
So, go forth, and massacre! Give the mothers of your enemies' a great
reason to mourn for and cry over - give 'em all hell.
You must have a working copy of KKND already installed on your system.
KKND-Editor was only tested in DOS but should not have big problems
working on Windows 95 driven-platforms.
For KKND-Editor to run properly, simply ensure that the files
'KKNDEDIT.EXE' and 'KKNDEDIT.DOC' were copied/unzipped into your
KKND directory.
4.Selecting a unit-category
In the main-menu, you will be presented with 5 unit-classes.
They are :      1. Infantry
		2. Vehicles
		3. Aircraft
		4. Buildings
		5. War Mechs
Move the highlight bar with your cursor-keys over an item of your
choice and hit <Enter> to go to that specific unit-editor.
In any unit-editor menu, you will be presented with a list of
units belonging to the selected category in a box on the far left.
Use your cursor-keys to move the highlight bar in the list.
You will be see another box on its right with the highlighted unit's
stats displayed in it. This is called the stats-box.
Currently, the following stats of a unit can be edited.
		<a> Cost
		<b> Hit Points
		<c> Speed
		<d> Reload Time
		<e> Turn Speed
		<f> Visual Range
		<g> Weapon Range
		<h> Accuracy
		<i> Production Delay
To edit, press the key (a-i) that corresponds to the bracketed, lower-
case alphabet before each stats-name. Input its new value and press
<Enter> to confirm, or <Esc> to abort entry.
While in the unit-editor menu, pressing <F1> saves all changes.
Changes may also be saved at the main-menu with the same key.
6.Reloading values
You may reload the game's default(original) stats for a specific
unit by pressing <F2> in the unit-editor menu. However, if you are
in the main-menu, pressing <F2> will reload the default stats for
ALL units in ALL unit-classes.
By pressing <F3> in the unit-editor menu, you will UNDO all un-saved
changes to the stats of a currently selected unit. If <F3> was pressed
in the main-menu itself, this will undo any changes to ALL units in
ALL unit-classes. Note that changes can only be permanently retained
by saving it - press <F1>.
7.Future Improvements
If sheer silliness gets the better of me, the future versions of
KKND-Editor may include the following features :
	- armanent/weapons editing
	- secret-weapons availability
	- tech-level editing
	- better graphics (and brighter colors)
	- mouse-driven
Despite being another of one of those avid realtime-strategy gamers,
I find KKND difficult to play, to an extent of being plain silly at
times. With corny actings and lousy plots aside, I feel that KKND
barely makes an adequate C&C clone, much less 'killer' IMHO. :(
In this game, very unfair odds are stacked against the player even
in the early stages of most scenarios. One simply can't help but
wonder if this is a calculated design-move by the game-designers to
camouflage an otherwise too obvious, inferior A.I of the computer
opponents as they mount 'mob-attacks' to overwhelm you before you
can even build a proper defense. One thing for sure, you are greatly
outgunned, outnumbered and out-of-time in the game.
I also read posts by several gamers in newsgroups, who share similar
sentiments - KKND is just too ridiculously difficult to enjoy.
So far, most KKND gamers I see, are plain stuck because no one seems
to know the 'cheat-keys/codes' or if they actually even exist at all!
In the light of these circumstances, KKND-Editor was quickly coded
in a span of 2 days and was done more out of angst than love for KKND.
To be frank, I coded KKND-Editor mainly to give all those frustrated
gamers (including myself) a chance to kick the blinking beejeepers
out of the game, as I am not one who'd pay good money for a game, no
matter how lame, just to lose at it. And neither would you, I hope.
Note that it is impossible for me to fully test KKND-Editor under
all kinds of conditions in such short time. However, I have yet to
stumble upon any major bugs in KKND-Editor and it seems to run fine
with my game.
Anyways, feel free to send me your bug-reports and comments, you will
be updated on any new releases of KKND-Editor. Also, special thanks to
those who have contacted me.
Meanwhile, edit wisely and have fun.
Brandon Shen/Pand of ModeXiX, Singapore
- 7th April 1997
email : jotun@audiophile.com
url   : http://www.trailerpark.com/phase2/pand/index.htm
This trainer has been verified and it
'works'. If you find any difficulties
please refer to the documentation that
comes with the trainer (if there is any)
or it must be due to the version
differences of the game that was used
for creating this trainer and the version
you are using.


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