Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver (+1 Trainer)

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver (+1 Trainer)

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver (+1 Trainer)

Text file description:

MReaver 2.1
trainer for Soul Reaver: Legacy of Kain
(english version 1.00 compatibility approved)
trainer history
-- version 1.0
simple freezing energy value in mem
>crashed on closing glyph menu
eldrich editing
-- version 2.0
removed energy-freezing
terminated collision query
added energy-restore buttons
-- version 2.1
terminated collision query while swimming
	for physical & mental attacks
terminated collision query while swimming
	for mental attacks in spectral
fixed constrict damage by Dumah
click on 'activate' once you've loaded a game
	this will make you invincible to enemy attacks
	you may still die in water (if you can't swim)
	 and lose energy in the material plane
        you also may be hurt by Raziel's brothers special abilities (not approved)
click on 'deactivate' to restore your mortality
the 'restore energy'-buttons are used as follows
	maximize energy in
	 S - spectral plane
	 0 - material plane level 0
	 1 - material plane level 1
	 2 - material plane level 2
	 3 - material plane level 3
	the level means how many health icons you collected
	 (the hovering triangulars)
	 level 0 = 0-4 items, level 1 = 5-9 items ... up to 15 items
	if you exceed the maximum for the material plane then
	 the Soul Reaver Blade won't appear
	using the S-button in the material plane will shift to the spectral
	ATTENTION: do NOT use any button but S in the spectral plane
	           as it will crash the game if you open the glyph menu
in the 'Eldrich refill to:' box
	enter the amount you want to possess
	 don't be to greedy as i cannot exclude bad things to happen
	 (the game allows to reach a maximum of 52)
finally: i did not test the trainer on every situation
	 in the game, like the encounters with the early bosses,
	 therefore, if you should notice any problems
	 email me at
ps: thanks to Olivier Pasqualini for writing the MTC and TMK,
    which i used for creating this trainer

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