Lost Planet: Extreme Condition v1.001 (+3 Trainer)

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition v1.001 (+3 Trainer)

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition v1.001 (+3 Trainer)

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*Please Tick Word Warp For Reading Comfort*
HonestGamer/Team ACE Presents:-
"Lost Planet - Extreme Condition 1.001 (DX9) +3 Trainer"
Please Take Caution That, This Trainer Is Made On The UNLEASHED Release. So The Trainer May Only Work On It (If There Is Any
Difference In Code Locations). In Addition, The Trainer Works Only On The DX9 (Direct-X 9.0) Mode Of The Game!!!
Use The Trainer As A Game Launcher And Activate Options Via Hotkeys.
Options Info:-
1) Unlimited Health: This Option Make You Invincible!!! But This Option Also Circumvents Scripted Deaths Which Prevent You
   From Making Progress (This Happens Only When You Go Through A Scripted Death Like Falling Off A Cliff, Getting Stomped
   By A Giant Monster, Etc). So For This Deactivate This Option Immediately To Die On Spot. Then Activate The Option Again
   When You Respawn At The Last Checkpoint.
2) Unlimited T-Eng: This Option Will Freeze Your T-Eng At 1000.
3) Unlimited Ammo: This Option Gives You Unlimited Ammo Hopefully For All Weapons (Inclusive Of Grenades). A 'No Reload'
   Option Is Combined With This One.
I Have Tested This Trainer 100% And Have Found It Working. But Still, If You Enconter Any Problems, Then Feel Free To
Contact Me. Suggestions Too Are Welcome. You Can Contact Me Via:-
Mail: honest.gamer@gmail.com
Site: http://team-ace.forumpro.eu/index.htm

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