Lost Planet: Extreme Condition v1.004 (+9 Trainer)

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition v1.004 (+9 Trainer)

Lost Planet: Extreme Condition v1.004 (+9 Trainer)

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     brings you..
    Lost Planet: Extreme Conditions v.1.004 Plus 9 Trainer (c) Capcom
       Release Date [ 01/09/2007
        Release Size [ 1xSmall         Platform  [ WinXP
        Release Type [ Trainer         Game Type [ Action
                                       Supplier  [ Unleashed
   Today team BReWErS is back with another release. We know this release
   is pretty old and that there are already trainers made for this game
   within the scene. Most of you guys are probably using those. Just for
   people who would like to play the game again in which they have more
   possibilities of taking down those monsters we created this trainer.
   This trainer is made using the following patch from unleashed:
         #    Hotkey              Option
         1    F1                  Infinite Ammo/ Grenades/ No Reload
         2    F2                  Unlimited Energy
         3    F3                  Infinite Health
         4    F4                  One Hit Kill
         5    F5                  Low Gravity/ Super Jump
         6    F6                  Super Speed
         7    F7                  Slow Motion Enemies
         8    F8                  Enemies Can't Move
              NUMPAD1             Return Enemy Movement Back To Normal
         9    F9                  Enable Teleport System
              NUMPAD2             Save Position
              NUMPAD3             Restore Position
   F1: Infinite Ammo/ Grenades/ No Reload
   This option will give you infinite Ammo, Grenades and also takes down
   the reload time in the game.
   F2: Unlimited Energy
   A pretty straight forward option. This will give you Unlimited Energy.
   Within the game it's called T-ENG, this energy is used to restore
   damage taken in a fight. The option will give the ability to keep
   restoring your health.
   F3: Infinite Health
   Another option which didn't take long to make. This option will give
   Infinite Health. You can now take as much damage as you want. You
   Will not lose any energy and won't have any damage.
   F4: One Hit Kill
   Another option for your pleasure. This time it's a nice One Hit Kill
   option. With this option enabled you can kill anything with just one
   shot. Please note that this game is using scripted scenes and it may
   happen like stated in all other trainers that you may get stuck one
   Example is the opening sequence with the "green eye". When you en-
   counter such problems just disable the option and re-enable it when
   you are past that scene.
   F5: Low Gravity/ Super Jump
   This option took a pretty sick long time to reverse. It's a great
   option and really gives something extra's to the game. With this
   enabled you can jump very high up and forward in the sky. Makes
   makes it really easy to jump to high places. You won't even have
   to use your graple in the first level to reach the first 'balcony';)
   F6: Super Speed
   Another option which really gives something extra's to the game.
   On some levels you have to walk/ run pretty far to get to new places
   with this option enabled you will travel to those places with the
   speed of light;). This makes traveling a lot more fun. Also escaping
   from enemies is really easy as they can't catch up with you;)
   F7: Slow Motion Enemies
   This option is really sweet also. It will make all enemies go in
   slow motion. It's incredible easy to kill those bastards now.
   F8: Enemies Can't Move
   With this option enabled enemies won't be able to move any more.
   Just a small warning when you kill someone now, usually the bodies
   will fall on the ground and eventually dissapear. This won't happen
   when you have this option enabled as the enemie can't move. This
   isn't a bug, the animation won't be used anymore as the game registers
   them dead and you know dead people can't move;).
   To undo the options F7 or F8 simple press NUMPAD1. The game will update
   the values and will restore the movements back to normal.
   F9: Teleport System
   Last but not least we present you guys a nice teleport system.
   With this option enabled you will be given two more keys:
   NUMPAD1: This will save your current position within the game
   NUMPAD2: This will teleport you back to your last saved position
       1. We have included both versions within the brew-lpec1.004.rar
       2. If you run XP and want to play the DX9 version you choose
          the brew-lpec from the /DX9 directory.
       3. If you run VISTA and want to play the DX10 version you choose
          the brew-lpec from the /DX10 directory. Make sure you run the
          trainer with Administrator Rights!!
       4. You can choose to start the game first or you can press Run
          game button and follow the steps on the screen.
       5. Toggle desired Options on/off
    Team BReWErS is currently looking for
      * 100mbit+ affil sites
      * 10mbit+ dumps for exclusive use
    Don't hesitate to contact us at team.brewers@hush.ai
     Greetings are flying out to:
                UNLEASHED   REEBSAW   aSxDOX   PiZZADOX   PWZ
                       biggup the uri gellar bevsters
                         ascii by h8/HiGHONASCii                    

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