Mercenaries 2: World in Flames (+7 Trainer)

Mercenaries 2: World in Flames (+7 Trainer)

Mercenaries 2: World in Flames (+7 Trainer)

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                          - ascii by Shaikh Adeel
                            - modded by Wiccaan
                                  ExTaLiA Gamehacking Team
                                  eXtalia Proudly Presents
     [ Releaser Name   ] ..... [Psych]
     [ Releaser Email  ] ..... psych[at]live[dot]co[dot]uk
     [ Release Name    ] ..... Mercenaries 2 +7 Trainer
     [ Release Type    ] ..... Trainer
     [ Release Version ] ..... v2.0
     [ Release Size    ] ..... 45.8 Kb
     [ Release Date    ] ..... 09/09/2008
     [ Supplied By     ] ..... Reloaded *CrackFix*
     [ Game Size       ] ..... 51.0 MB (53,482,288 bytes)
     [ Game Version    ] ..... Initial Release (Assumed v1.0)
                                       Release Usage
       Second and most likely final release of this trainer.
       I added a couple of neat new options and fixed an
       annoying RPG reload bug. Enjoy!
       - Start the game and the trainer in *any* order.
       - Refer to the detailed explanation below.
       .:[Num 0] Infinite Health:.
       Your mercenary cannot be killed by all usual means. You will be completely
       impervious to bullets, explosions and falls. You may still die from certain
       game events such as walls falling on you etc. This is just the way it works.
       .:[Num 1] Tank Mode:.
       Your current vehicle or mounted weapon will be invincible.
       This will also restore a damaged vehicle to full health.
       Simply jump in and it will regain full strength.
       .:[Num 2] Instant Kill:.
       The enemy will die in a couple of shots. Not quite the '1-bullet' kill, but
       just the way I have done it with this game. Works well.
       This does not effect vehicles or weapon emplacements.
       .:[Num 3] Infinite Ammo:.
       Gives you infinite primary and secondary ammunition.
       Also works for weapon emplacements and vehicle defences.
       The annoying 'RPG Reload Bug' was completely fixed this time around.
       Thanks to those who pointed it out so I could quickly rectify the issue.
       *Requires at least one bullet to be fired your gun.
       .:[Num 4] Save Position:.
       This will save your current position in the game world.
       The teleport options do not work for vehicles, only on foot.
       .:[Num 5] Load Position:.
       This will load the previously saved position.
       .:[Num 6] Enemies Can't Fire:.
       Enable this to ensure that the enemy will not fire off a single-bullet!
       They will still be able to throw grenades and secondary weapons however.
       *Requires at least one bullet to be fired your gun.
       .:[Num 7] Enemies Can't Move:.
       Enable this and the enemy will not be able to move at all.
       This will also effect civilians, but who needs them anyway!
       This will not effect enemy vehicles, only enemies on foot.
       Greetz fly out in no particular order to:
       Sunbean, Wiccaan, STN, Labyrnth, VegitoSSJ, and all at Team eXtalia and WoGH.
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