Neverwinter Nights v1.27 (Dream Patch - Camera Hack)

Neverwinter Nights v1.27 (Dream Patch - Camera Hack)

Neverwinter Nights v1.27 (Dream Patch - Camera Hack)

Text file description:

Welcome to the NWN Dream Patch(c) Athiril (Daniel Lee)
You've found the sparkle of my eye!
A project by Athiril.
Official page - ****://
click on downloads.
Legal ****: NWN Dream Patch(c) COPYRIGHT Athiril, and The
Sun's Hand as of 5:38PM, August 6th, 2002.
Alright, this i KNOW will not damage your computer or software, but if
you used this and did something stupid at the same time, I claim no
responsibility for the use of this program, even if you just plain
claim that this program damaged something.
I do offer free technical support, but no FLAMING will be tolerated,
keep it clean.
Techinal Support: For technical support you must email with the exact subject of
NWN Dream Patch - Tech Support , you must also include the version
number of the NWN Dream Patch you are using, the version of
Neverwinter Nights you are using and what operating system you are
using, other requirements may come with future releases, such as what
options you chose to install/patch (yes i plan to include MANY other
things, thats why it's called the NWN Dream Patch, a single universal
patch for every version of Neverwinter Nights, and has many optional
patches included, plus it's tiny filesize, and it's restore utility!).
Notes: This version has "built-in" support for versions 1.10, 1.18,
1.19, 1.20, 1.21, 1.22, 1.23, 1.24, 1.25 and 1.26, but any other
versions should work, as I have implemented bi-directional searching,
which means if your version isn't supported (eg beta patches etc), it
shouldn't take any longer to patch or restore it as the supported
Instructions: Extract/copy the files to the place you installed
Neverwinter Nights, that should be the same folder where nwmain.exe is,
 if you dont where either place is, you probally installed it to the
default path like all sane people (if you still dont know where this is
you have issues...), it'll be in C:NeverwinterNightsNWN
Then open up where you extracted/copied the files and run
NWN Dream Patch.exe (i.e: double click it), then check the option boxes
that you want to patch or restore, then click patch or restore.
Coming in next version:
Who knows, the skys the limit! Perhaps mouse look (Yeah right, I'd love
to put that in, but I can't as I cant hard code Neverwinter Nights,
perhaps if Bioware did it or sent me there source code...).
Version history:
v1.58 - Got home from a holiday and updated to v1.27 of Neverwinter
Nights, then added in support for v1.27 in NWN Dream Patch.
v1.57 - Implemented bi-directional searching, and added support
for unknown/unsupported versions of Neverwinter Nights. Hooray!
...oh **** works as in it does it's process fast, but it just
won't patch unsupported versions...****!
v1.52 - Added support for Neverwinter Nights v1.26
v1.51 - Added support for Neverwinter Nights v1.25
v1.50 - First Windows version!, works perfect all versions of
Neverwinter Nights so far!
v1.48 - More bugs fixed, some minor issues resolved.
v1.47 - Succeded in spot check and killed bugs in code, working
v1.46 - Added v1.22 "built-in" support, fixed bugs, proper version
detection. Fixed problem with corrupt patching/restoring.
v1.4 - No longer requires patch.dat, contains patch data internally,
supports all versions of Neverwinter Nights, though versions other than
1.10, 1.18, 1.19, 1.20, 1.21 require advanced searching which takes a
long time.
v1.0 - Total rework of code for future expandability, changed patch and
restore code to be located in a external file (patch.dat), first proper

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